And the alcohol for tonight is....?

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Primarily a Friday and Saturday night thread for people to discuss their favourite tipples. Their latest Gin or Whisky collection or maybe the local ale.
If you like your Gin you should have a venture out to the Gin Experience at Harrogate by Slingsby. You have to book on, sometimes months in advance but its definitely worth it. You probably get more back than what you pay to go.
I cannot cross the line, from my day's as a barworker, to help fund my law degree, I always found the stench of stale Gin a retching experience. I want to enjoy the resurgence of Gin but flavoured Vodka is my go to tipple.
Gin doesn't do it for me either!

For some reason, get very depressed. Last time I drank it ended up on tears over nothing in particular. Although did drink at beach bar in Malta, with a lovely lemonade that actually tasted of lemons!!
SanPellegrino lemonade drink is a new find for me, very little, if any, added sugar and mineral water but very tart. The Orange drink is also different to the usual. As advertised on TV.
A nice shared bottle of Merlot this evening after a very busy day cleaning a newly refurbished bathroom. Maybe a bedtime glass of 10 year old Laphroaig single malt?
Tonight will be Grey Goose with Fever Tree sweet rhubarb and raspberry tonic. In a tall glass with ice.

Last night of Proms so need something to lubricate the vocal chords.....:singing:
Whilst I've never been very interested in Classical music (there are some pieces that I enjoy). I've always loved The Last Night of the Proms. Until this year that is. I had recorded it , but not got around to watching it before discovering that the very songs that are meant to celebrate Britishness had been hijacked by EU flags. I was so livid, that I've deleted it without watching it, otherwise I would have likely put my foot through the TV screen.
I nearly boycotted last years performance, as the woke BBC said they would only perform instrumentals of those songs, with no lyrics. Fortunately, they had a last minute change of heart.

I was annoyed by EU "presence" and the BBC for taking every opportunity to zone in on flags, berets, etc. There were so many we could have ended up with a blank screen, lol!

I stayed with it. Liked the accordion player, very uplifting. The Aussie tenor was very good too. As for the first part (on BBC2), nothing memorable as I switched to something else after ten minutes. That was before drink kicked in....

The BBC should remember it has no right to mess about with the format. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".
Members, if I may, Classical music is a part of my education, I studied and performed at a level considered to be semi professional whilst at school. A secondment to the CBSO Schools division, a technically tough assignment but immensely rewarding experience. All music has it's roots in the classical discipline, the tonality and melodic has it's foundation in the music of Bach, Handel, Mozart et al, I myself prefer Baroque, Purcell and his contemporaries..

I am currently listening to the Funeral sentances for the Death of Queen Mary II. A significant and deeply moving rendition of Baroque. Purcell.
Obviously, musical taste is extremely subjective, but I would argue strongly against all music having it's roots in Classical. There are many genres of music significantly older than Classical (be that African or Japanese drumming, Aboriginal didgeridoo, Folk music ((many variations worldwide)) or American Native Chanting, to name but a few). In truth, I believe that all genres of music influence each other to some degree. My preferred styles are Classic/Progressive Rock, Blues Rock/Blues, traditional Jazz along with a smattering of Heavy Metal (such as Black Sabbath). Many of the Rock bands that I grew up listening to would have an orchestral backing to some of their songs, often by highly regarded orchestras. For example Deep Purple wrote and performed 'A Concerto for Band and Orchestra' at the Royal Albert Hall with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in 1969. There are many others.
So, when it comes to musical taste there is only one correct answer - each to their own.

United lost and congratters to Aston Villa. My disappointment is tempered with a bottle of MALBEC tonight and I may avoid my medication as a consequence. I may just do some study for my post grad work on Constitutional Law. Isn't Saturday night a joyous occasion?
Villa winning is just countering disappointing Ryder Cup performance.

Now, yesterday was a joyous day. Warwickshire winning the County Championship and thanks to The Local Yokel, was able to watch.

Not sure if there's anything decent on tv tonight. May have Grey Goose and Fever Tree Blood Orange Soda. Talking of tv, anyone watching Vigil on BBC1 (last part tomorrow) and Departure on 5* (Monday 10pm)? From preview ads I've seen there's some new ITV dramas starting soon (with nights drawing in).

Cheers, Yammas, Prost....!
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