And the alcohol for tonight is....?

Primarily a Friday and Saturday night thread for people to discuss their favourite tipples. Their latest Gin or Whisky collection or maybe the local ale.


Argentinian Vinalta Malbec
Argentinian Morador Malbec
Australian McGinigan Shiraz

Don't normally like Shiraz but I bought it on the basis that it had a IWSC award and it was very nice.
On the German theme, Riesling is another grape I'm fond of. We drank a lot of it a couple of years ago when staying in the Black Forest region.

I drink what I like and not what wine people say I ought to drink with certain foods. I tend to drink more red in the winter months with Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon the usual suspects. Fortunately, Mrs Yokel is the same, not that we are huge drinkers. We usually have a bottle of wine about once a week when we go out for a meal, and when away on holiday we will wash down the food with a drink each evening, usually wine but sometimes beer (for me) or cider (for us both).

I like the liquid of a local brewer, Butcombe (which is the name of a village but perversely the beer is brewed at a nearby village called Wrington) and a local cider maker, Thatchers.

Both of them are located within five miles of Bristol Airport which tends to link aviation and drinking neatly within F4A.
The last time I had Butcombe was in the Brean Down Inn when we stopped for lunch after doing the walk out to the fort.

I think it was Butcombe Original, a very nice pint it was.
That's a very pleasant walk as long as it's not too windy. The brewery does a Butcombe Original which is what I like.

The regulars on the BRS forum will know I do a lot of walking, especially in the combes around Bristol Airport, the Mendip Hills and the Severn estuary/Bristol Channel coast. I lived in villages in that area when I was growing up in the 1950s and the main village is Wrington where the brewery is now situated. I'm often walking around there and when I pass the Butcombe brewery on the edge of the village the aroma can be magical. To me anyway - no doubt there are other people who regard it as a repugnant stink.


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