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Jul 19, 2017
Hi guys,

Nitpicking GliderPilot here!

Not a complaint or a criticism, just something I have noticed while using F4A

When browsing F4A I often use the red "New" tag to pick up where I left off on a discussion. But I often get this mixed with the red "Admin" box allocated to each admin member of F4A when I'm scrolling quickly through the site. This often will leave me 3 or 4 pages behind where the discussion starts. Like I say this is nitpicking! I apologise for stooping this low!

I'll attach photos of what I am talking about (Used Microsofts "cutting tool" to screen grab the boxes)

As I said I'm trying to sound like I'm not complaining, but for the sake of other users who might not happen to be as patient as myself, is there any other colours available for the Admin or New tags or are they used on other sections of the site.

Just my take on it guys, nothing personal, love the site and I browse it multiple times daily without fail. Keep up the brilliant work.


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