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Why is USPBC considered a 'no-goer'?
Basically, from what I understand, there are 2 reasons.

Firstly Manchester has a shortage of space for the facility. You have to remember that the gates that are use by USPBC have to operate under a quarantined environment. Under the new MANTP scheme there will only be 2 piers and that would mean a loss of too many contact stands.

Secondly, from what I have been told, the American passport/immigration control at their main airports has become better organised and delays have been reduced - it is over 3 decades since I last flew into America and therefore my experience is rather dated.
Thanks @Scottie Dog for all the info as always.
I must say the resilience team at the airport are a welcome asset and something to be applauded.
Nothing will ever be perfect, but you can see the improvements that have been made!
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Extract from the Manchester Airport Consultative Committee held on Friday 19th January 2024.



In October 2023, Manchester Airport surpassed 2019 passenger levels for the first time. This trend continued to
the end of the year through November and December with a total of 6.5m passengers travelling through
Manchester Airport, 103% of 2019 levels and an increase of 15% compared to 2022. December 2023 was
Manchester Airport’s busiest December on record, with us serving more than 2 million passengers.
Operational performance remained high, and our security colleagues delivered an excellent performance with
99% of passengers going through security in under 15 minutes, improving on an already great performance from
the Summer. We have also seen an improvement with On Time Performance (OTP), peaking at 73% in November
In addition, services for passengers with reduce mobility continued to perform well following the Civil Aviation
Authority (CAA) visit in the previous quarter. Our key performance measures are to assist pre-booked arriving
passengers within 20 minutes, and non-booked arriving passengers within 45 minutes. These are at 99.4% and
99.93% respectively for the financial year to date, surpassing the threshold for a ‘Very Good’ rating from the
In this quarter, we have also seen Eurowings announce in December that they will launch 4 x weekly service to
both Stuttgart and Hamburg from Summer 2024, building on their existing Dusseldorf service. At the same time,
long haul services expanded with Qatar Airways increasing their service to Doha to 3 x daily, their largest ever
schedule from Manchester and services to Canada were boosted by Air Transat operating an increased schedule
to Toronto, operating 3 x weekly in Winter 2023.
In December, we launched the Manchester Airport TikTok account as a creative way to engage with our
passengers and bolster positive sentiment towards the airport. We have also continued to proactively engage
with our local, regional, and national stakeholders to promote the important role Manchester Airport has as an
economic enabler, job creator and community neighbour.
As we enter 2024, we are committed to building upon a successful 2023 continuing the growth in passenger
numbers and an increase in routes. There will be a considerable amount of work on our assets over this year as
we continue to deliver the Manchester Airport Transformation Programme including repairing the travelators,
all of which is underpinned with a focus on delivering an excellent service to passengers.


Government update:
In November 2023, the UK Government undertook a reshuffle after a selection of
resignations. As part of the reshuffle, the then Aviation Minister, Baroness Vere, was re-appointed as
Parliamentary Secretary to HM Treasury. Conservative MP for South Cambridgeshire, Anthony Browne was
appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department for Transport with responsibility for
aviation, transport decarbonisation, air quality and aviation accessibility. MAG’s Chief of Staff, Tim Hawkins met
with the newly appointed minister at the beginning of January 2024.

Rail / Surface Access: Following the cancellation of HS2, we hosted the Rail Minister, Huw Merriman, where he
outlined his view that Manchester Airport was viewed as an important northern leader which needed to be at
the core of any high speed rail network. MAG Chief of Staff, Tim Hawkins led the meeting and discussed the
airport’s role in connecting northern conurbations and driving economic growth and the future of east–west
links across the North, including proposals for the Liverpool to Manchester line. In addition, Manchester Airport
hosted its annual Transport Forum which included an ’In Conversation with Andy Burnham’ update on his
priorities for the Bee Network and how the airport will play its own role as the network continues its rollout.

Real Living Wage: In this quarter, MAG has been officially accredited as a Real Living Wage (RLW) employer. The
accreditation – from the Living Wage Foundation - recognises our ongoing commitment to ensuring all colleagues
receive an income that covers the cost of living in real terms. MAG has been paying colleagues the RLW since
September 2022 and the accreditation formalises MAG’s commitment and matching future increases. The
accreditation is recognition of the fact that all 7,000 people directly employed by MAG will now, and in the future
continue to receive at least the RLW. MAG’s commitment to RLW extends to several on site partners, such as
our cleaning contractor.

Economic and social contribution of the airport: We commissioned a report with ARUP that explores the role of
Manchester Airport in supporting economies and communities across the North. The report was completed in
November and brings together a compelling narrative and evidence-led story on the impact the airport provides
locally, regionally, and nationally. The report puts forward how Government can support the airport and how we
can drive increased prosperity. A series of roundtables are being arranged to introduce the report to local,
regional and national stakeholders. The first was held in Manchester and included representatives from
Manchester City Council, University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, Marketing
Manchester, MIDAS, KPMG, Aecom and Amazon. The next roundtables are being held in Leeds and Sheffield in
early 2024.

Route Development: We have been working with several organisations over the last quarter to raise awareness
of Manchester Airport’s unserved markets. The Aviation Business Development team joined a Greater
Manchester delegation to Japan, attending meetings in Tokyo with the Mayor of Greater Manchester, the Leader
of Manchester City Council and national tourism bodies. We also hosted Visit Britain including their CEO, Patricia
Yates, for a tour of Terminal 2 and an update on Manchester Airport’s connectivity that was led by Commercial
Director, Stephen Turner. We have also hosted the Manchester Consular Association which includes diplomatic
representatives from Belgium, Greece, Germany, Spain and Norway, amongst others, highlighting the important
role Manchester Airport has in connectivity in the North.

Sustainability: This quarter we have published the North West Hydrogen Aviation opportunity map in
partnership with North West Hydrogen Alliance. Head of ESG and Environmental Strategy, Adam Freeman joined
a panel event with Progressive Energy, Cadent and Sustainable Aviation to talk through how the North West can
capitalise on the opportunity. In partnership with North West Business Leadership, we wrote to the Department
for Transport and Department for Energy Security and Net Zero calling for the acceleration of the consultation
on the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) price stability mechanism and to review the waste hierarchy to allow waste
to be converted to SAF. We have also hosted visits with the Leader of Trafford Council, Cllr Tom Ross in his
capacity as Executive Member for Green City Region for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Airport Slots: Available capacity for airlines to operate flights at constrained airports such as Manchester and
Heathrow are managed through a system known as slots. Following the UK’s departure from the European Union,
the slots system is now the responsibility of UK government. A consultation is currently underway around
potential reforms to this system which we are currently engaging with. Significant changes are only being
proposed for new slots, so the overall impact may be relatively small. Any changes could in principle apply to
new capacity created by the Manchester Transformation Programme, though in practice the legislative process
is long, and this capacity may be in the system by the time any new legislation is in place. We are assessing the
potential impacts of changes at present and will engage DfT directly to ensure that any changes are appropriate
for Manchester Airport and its passengers.


Changes to the Planning System:
Immediately prior to Christmas, Government launched a new National Planning
Policy Framework. The changes were predominantly focussed on delivering more housing development, but
there are a couple of aspects that should be noted. Government seems to be more ready and willing to intervene
in accelerating Local Plan production. One of the ways they believe plans can be accelerated is through the
introduction of National Development Management Policies (NDMP) leaving plans to deal with ‘locally
important’ matters and thereby reducing the scope and amount of evidence that will require examination.
Details are all still at a very high level, we still do not know the scope of NDMPs and therefore what will be left
as ‘locally important’ matters and similarly which evidence base documents will be able to reduce in scope. It is
suggested that all regulations, policies, and guidance for the new plan making system will be in place by Autumn
2024. Local Authorities will then have a 30-month time-limit to get new plans adopted.

A further change has been to ‘lock down’ Green Belt boundaries. There is no longer an implied requirement for
Local Planning Authorities to review Green Belt boundaries at Local Plan preparation stage.

Places for Everyone: MAG submitted a response expressing disappointment at the removal of the Global logistics
2 allocation and questioning the transport proposals required to support the Timperley Wedge / MediPark
allocation. The Inspectors who presided over the Examination will now examine all the responses to the Main
Modifications consultation to determine if they need to have any further Examination sitting days.

Environment Act / Biodiversity Net Gain
We have previously reported on the legal requirement for developments to now deliver bio-diversity net gain
(BNG). The guidance and regulations as to how this will operate have now come into force and it is pleasing to
announce that, after persistent communication from the airport, the role of aerodrome safeguarding has been
acknowledged and the need to engage with safeguarded aerodromes as part of the delivery of BNG is now
expressed in the guidance and regulations.

Airport or near Airport developments: There has been some updates on developments across the site and
adjacent to the site, these include:
• A planning application to vary the conditions attached to the permission for the T3 security box has been
submitted to MCC to reflect minor design changes made post approval.
• A planning application has been submitted for a net 214-bedroom extension to the Clayton Hotel
(138586/FO/2023) to mirror the design of the extension that abuts Outwood Lane. Target date for MCC
decision is 19th February.
• CTI submitted a planning application to redevelop the site of Hangar 4 for an airport-related freight and
logistics unit (136879/FO/2023). This scheme was approved at the beginning of December.
• The planning application for the redevelopment of the former Ferranti site for approximately 360,000
sq. ft of logistics floorspace (MCC reference 135952/FO/2023) was refused by Manchester City Council.
One of the reasons for refusal was unacceptable effects on the safe operation of the airport. We await
to see if an appeal will be lodged by the applicant.
• Active discussions taking place with Network Rail and the Department for Transport to lengthen three of
the rail platforms at the airport station to increase capacity and to improve resilience. Start on-site likely
to be 2026, but finalising designs to cement the business case.


Phase two of MAN-TP - our £1.3billion transformation programme to revolutionise the customer and colleague
experience - is making good progress. In November 2023 we reached one million working hours on Phase two
and on 25th January we’ll be celebrating one year since Phase Two of the programme was announced.

Pier 2: The piling and foundation work on Pier 2 have progressed well ahead of the scheduled arrival of the shell
and core contractor in early February. Offsite, there has been progress on the manufacture of the shell and core
steelwork, cladding systems, airbridges, and the fixed link and nodes components.

East Check-in Hall: Work is well underway to refurbish T2 East Check-in Hall to the same high quality as the T2
extension (West), creating a stylish and modern welcome to Manchester Airport. Teams have been busy stripping
out the old baggage system, removing the check-in desks and starting the removal of the old ceiling. Bright and
engaging hoarding has been installed around the construction works to give passengers an insight into what else
is to come as part of the airport transformation.

Baggage and Reclaim Hall: The new substation that provides power for the extended baggage system and
terminal is now live. Additionally, work to create a new Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) facility above the East
Reclaim Hall is complete. The new baggage system (also known as PP40) that is fed from T2 West Check-in has
entered the end-to-end testing phase ready for a March go-live. Once complete, the baggage team will move
onto modernising the baggage system behind T2 East Check-in Hall. The East Reclaim Hall is now closed off with
hoarding as we refurbish the area.

International Departures Lounge: The T2 Refurbishment (T2R) works are progressing well. The steelworks across
the site are ongoing with the first set nearing completion. Once the steelwork is finalised, the concrete infill will
start. This will create two new areas: the new security hall and an extension to the international departure
lounge. Work in the East Arrivals Hall is ongoing with the strip out of the old check-in desks complete. The South
VCC steelwork installation (outside) is ongoing creating the shell of the infrastructure. This will provide a
circulation corridor allowing passengers to easily flow from security to the departure lounge and for arriving
passengers to easily get to border control.

Airfield: Construction will shortly commence on the airfield works packages, beginning with Taxiway Echo on 22
January. This is a key component of the dual taxiway concept which will increase capacity across the airfield.


On Time Performance (OTP)

Departure on-time performance depends on several factors including weather, airfield operations and technical
issues. Monthly performance for the past financial year across all flight types are outlined below:
Screenshot (1920).png


Passenger numbers:

During the quarter, 6.5m passengers travelled through Manchester Airport. This is 103% of 2019 levels and
increase of 824K passengers, or 15%, compared to 2022. This year’s passenger numbers translate to 105% of
2019 levels in October, 102% in November and 103% in December. Notably, October was the first month since
the pandemic that passenger numbers exceed 2019 levels and this trend continued across the quarter. The
passenger recovery continued to be driven by low-cost carriers, Ryanair, easyJet and Jet2, as the short-haul
markets they serve continue to recover ahead of long-haul markets, however, increasing numbers of other airline
partners delivered passenger numbers significantly above 2019 levels. These include Qatar Airways, Turkish
Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines.

There have been several developments for Manchester Airport’s network in the Quarter, including:

• Royal Jordanian confirming that they will launch a new 3 x weekly service to Amman from March 2024.
Royal Jordanian have not served Manchester Airport previously.
• Luxair confirming they will start a 3 x weekly service to Luxembourg from Summer 24.
• Maleth commencing weekly operations to Bridgetown and Antigua, both of which will run until the end
of the Winter season, in March 2024. This is in addition to Virgin Atlantic, Aer Lingus and TUI who will
also operate the route through Winter 23.
• Hainan Airlines announced they will increase their Beijing service to daily in June 2024
• Eurowings announcing in December that they will launch 4 x weekly services to both Stuttgart and
Hamburg from Summer 2024, building on their existing Dusseldorf service.
• Ryanair adding 5 new routes for the Winter 23 season and who will now serve Belfast, Plovdiv, Tirana,
Venice and Warsaw.
• Ryanair also announcing the launch a new Manchester – Tangier service from Summer 24.
• Jet2 announcing they will start new routes to the Moroccan cities of Marrakech and Agadir from October
• Qatar Airways increased their service to Doha to 3 x daily, their largest ever schedule from Manchester.
• Services to Canada were boosted by Air Transat operating an increased schedule to Toronto, operating
3 x weekly in Winter 23.
• Following a successful launch in July, EgyptAir now plan to increase their schedule to 6 x weekly in
Summer 24 whilst also adding more capacity by up gauging their operations to A321neo from 2023.
• Connections to Latin America have been strengthened with Iberia increasing their Madrid service to
three times weekly in Winter 23 with schedules designed to offer seamless connections.


Landside Operations:
PAX and call volumes have decreased since the summer peaks; however, the volumes are
still high based on previous years. M&G volumes have continued to exceed budgeted forecasts. The landside
control room assisted 257,846 customers via our car park/forecourt intercoms during Oct 23 – Dec 23,
representing an 5% increase on the same period in 2022. Landside NPS continues to remain high when compared
across the group, currently running at 48.8%, down from 50.9% on the previous quarter.

Customer Transport: Customer Transport performance settled in the period, with car parking rebalancing across
different products, and the closure of Jet Parks 1 for the winter. Airside bussing performance also improved with
the overall reduction in volume and increased number of trained drivers. Regulatory training to maintain
competence began in the period and is due to be complete by March ’24. In addition, further training
opportunities to increase driver capability landside and airside were undertaken.

Car Parking: Car park occupancy averaged 96%+ throughout the quarter, across all self-park and Meet & Greet
products, with self-park products particularly highly utilized, though Meet & Greet and Drop & Go remain a
popular choice with customers. NPS continued to reflect a high level of satisfaction, exceeding internal targets
and an improvement of 7% year on year for M&G and D&G.
The self-service kiosks in T2 came online in the period and these have enhanced the customer experience whilst
also enabling the team to better support those customers who require additional help with the check-in process.


Ticket office closures:
Following a national public consultation in August, industry plans to close or reduce the
availability of ticket offices across the rail network, including at Manchester Airport, were shelved. Though it
should be noted that the ticket office at Manchester Airport station, operated by Transpennine Express (TPE) has
been closed for operational reasons for several weeks. MAG continue to push the industry to provide appropriate
staffing to assist passengers, particularly as, given the nature of airports, passengers may not be familiar with
the British rail system and/or may not be able to speak English. We are working with the rail industry and TfGM
on plans to improve the overall offer of the rail station and better integrate it the other modes of surface
transport available from the interchange and will come back to MACC with further details as these are developed.
In parallel, the rail industry continues to work on proposals to extend the platforms at the station, which could
in principle enhance the rail services available at the station if deliverable, and again we will report back to MACC
any further developments.

Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR): Whilst the delivery of HS2 to Manchester via the Airport has been formally
cancelled by government, there remains the aspiration to deliver Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR) east to west
across the North of England. We are currently working with Northern leaders and government to explore the
delivery of the proposed section of HS2 from Manchester Piccadilly to High Legh via a new high-speed station at
the Airport to support the delivery of the first phase of NPR from Manchester to Liverpool, and ultimately onto
Hull and Newcastle via Leeds. The delivery of faster and higher capacity rail services across the North is something
MAG continues to support, and we are supporting efforts to see whether this delivery can be accelerated. Though
it should be noted that new high-speed rail services to the airport are unlikely to be in place for around two
decades. We will continue to report back to MACC on developments with NPR.


CAA rating:
We have seen extremely strong performance across all our key measures for Special Assistance
services. Our key performance measures for the Civil Aviation Authority to assist pre-booked arriving passengers
within 20 minutes, and non-booked arriving passengers within 45 minutes, are at 99.4% and 99.93% respectively
for the financial year to date, surpassing the threshold for a ‘Very Good’ rating. PRM satisfaction is currently
3.81/5, marginally below target of 4/5 for a ‘Very Good’ rating, with focus being applied to improve this score
for the remainder of the financial year.

Customer Experience: Summer level headcounts have been retained through winter; we currently have our
highest ever winter headcount for Special Assistance. Recruitment has started again to further build on this for
resilience ahead of Summer 2024. We have recently launched ‘Try the airport’ tours for prospective passengers
requiring assistance who may be unsure/nervous of travelling to help alleviate their concerns and show what
facilities we have at Manchester.
PRM Volumes (Year to Date)

Screenshot (1924).png
ECAC Performance (Year to Date)

Screenshot (1925).png


Screenshot (1921).png


Customer Feedback

During the reporting period, Manchester has seen a decrease in feedback across the months as expected with
passenger volumes decreasing during the winter period. The team received a total of 5,236 cases during the
reporting period, a considerable decrease from 9,002 in the previous July to September period, with a decrease
from 5,593 during the same period last year. The data insights have been shared with the local teams to facilitate

Screenshot (1922).png

Social Media:
Over the reporting period, our social media channels have received 12,844 messages and welcomed 10,833 new
followers across our social media platforms (Twitter, ***Links to other Social Media platforms are not permitted***-, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok). Unfortunately,
the sentiment analysis shows that the predominant sentiment was Negative (comments relating to Baggage
Reclaim / Security and Drop off & Pick up Tariffs). The main campaigns during this period were: the publication
of MAG’s annual CSR Report, the launch of the Jet Zero Curriculum in the Aerozone, Runway Run, Christmas
campaign and passenger security prep, and the launch of TikTok!

Security GSS
The performance for passengers transiting security in 15-minutes or less for the 2023 is detailed below:

Screenshot (1923).png

The Community Engagement team have had so much activity to report on this quarter, we’ve provided a
detailed report as an addendum to this report.

Manchester Airport Academy
In 2023 the Airport Academy team trained 292 jobs seekers and post the course helped 133 leaners to secure a
role on-site. In total the team engaged with 980 adults in the GM area and attended 107 local recruitment and
skills events.

On 8th November the Academy hosted a jobs fair in Wythenshawe. The event was delivered in partnership with
Manchester City Council and DWP and showcased a wide range of airport careers, with more than 20
employers. Around 500 roles were on offer at the event, including around 200 with MAG.
Other employers represented at the fair included:
• Restaurant and retail operators such as Wagamama, Costa Coffee, Pret a Manger, Boots, SSP, The
Restaurant Group (TRG) and HMSHost.
• Airlines and aviation service providers, including Jet2.com, CAVU, Swissport, DNATA, AF Blakemore and
• Construction giants MACE, who are the lead contractors on the second phase of the £1.3bn project to
transform Terminal Two, and engineering experts NG Baily.
There were stalls offering guidance and support to jobseekers, including those who might need specific and
tailored support to return to work. These included.
• Smart Works, which supports women who are referred from job centres, mental health charities,
women’s refuges, homeless shelters, the prison service, care service and youth organisations, as they
seek employment.
• The Manchester Airport Academy, which specialises in finding work on the airport site for those who
have been long-term unemployed, helping them brush up their CVs, identifying their strengths and
helping them to sell these to prospective employers. The event was attended by over 450 local jobs

Education / AeroZone
The AeroZone is fully booked until the end of this school year up to July 2024 and for the full year we are
expecting approximately 3,000 students to visit.

In October we launched the first phase of our ‘Jet Zero Curriculum’ This is part of the Group’s Jet Zero Education
pledge – one of five made in July 2022 when the UK Government published its Jet Zero Strategy. The interactive
game, which is delivered in AeroZone, on state-of-the-art touchscreens, teaches young people about Sustainable
Aviation Fuel (SAF) – how it is made, and how it can be used by the aviation sector to reach MAG’s target of net
zero by 2038 and the UK industry target of 2050.

Our onsite, supported internship, run by Pure Innovations, welcomed a new cohort of students in September.
Eight young people, with special educational needs, have joined the course which involves a combination of
classroom learning and work experience placements, to support them into employment by the end of the course.
In October, we met the students and welcomed them to Manchester Airport by taking them on an airside/airfield
tour to bring the airport to life.

In December, we also conducted a full day airside/airfield tour for The Manchester College’s Aviation students.
This is part of a year-long programme of support that we offer these students. This tour was a critical part of
their course, as it brings their classroom learning to life, by seeing a live airport operation. It is also a great way
to highlight the hundreds of jobs that they can do when they finish college.

MAG’s new work experience policy launched in December. We will support students from each of our partner
schools and colleges, which include the three Wythenshawe high schools, Knutsford Academy, Trafford College
Altrincham, and The Manchester College Wythenshawe. Colleagues will also be able to host their dependants
and relatives in their own departments to give them an insight into their role.

Finally, we have hosted many specialist days for local students in AeroZone, including:
• Get Hired – run by the People team.
• Cool Aeronautics – a collaborative event with the Royal Aeronautical Society.
• A Day in the Sky – a collaborative event with GM Higher.
• Technology Day – one of five events run by MAG Technology

Finally, please see below a summary of feedback quotes from teachers who have visited AeroZone recently.

“I cannot thank the staff at the Aerozone enough for our visit. We had the best day - as a teacher, this is the best
educational trip I have been on in my 7 year long career.”

“Eileen was just BRILLIANT so engaging and interesting. Worked really well with our students and got them
involved. Was amazing all round - answered their questions brilliantly.”

“Amazing, all the resources were fantastic and allowed the students to get super stuck in. they were engaging
and easy to follow and really let everyone immerse themselves in the experience.”

“Engaging, insightful and a lovely visit. Joanna is amazing!”


Wider Airspace Modernisation update

In March 2023, the CAA completed a consultation on proposals for amends to CAP1616 (the CAA’s guidance on
the regulatory process for airspace change). The revised CAP1616 (version 5) was published in October and came
into force on 2nd January 2024. Any airspace change proposals commenced on or after 2nd January 2024 will be
assessed against version 5 requirements. A presentation on the changes to the CAP1616 process was delivered
to Technical Advisory Group in December.

The CAA have advised that the Manchester Airport Future Airspace project (reference ACP-2019-23) will remain
as a Level 1 Airspace Change and going forward will be subject to the requirements of CAP1616 Version 5. The
work submitted so far and our progression through the Stage 2 Gateway remains valid but fulfilment of Stages 3
to 7 will need to conform to CAP1616 Version 5 requirements.

The Manchester Airport Future Airspace project (ACP-2019-23)
In the Manchester Terminal Manoeuvring Area (MTMA) there are Airspace Change Processes underway
(between ground and 7,000ft) at Manchester (MAN), Liverpool John Lennon (LPL), East Midlands (EMA) and
Leeds Bradford (LBA) Airport. NATS En Route Ltd (NERL) are undertaking works above 7,000ft. LPL and EMA have
now passed through the Stage 2 Gateway and have joined MAN and NERL on working on Stage 3 activities. LBA
failed their Stage 2 Gateway in July 2023 and are working towards a new Gateway (February 2024).

Now MAN and LPL are both at Stage 3 we have been able to continue to progress work to assess which different
combinations of routes provide the best solution to the interactions identified in 2022. We will assess these
combinations together in a similar way to the Initial Options Appraisal we each carried out in Stage 2. This will
be a Cumulative Assessment Framework (CAF) and will identify which combinations are the most advantageous

In December 2023 we (along with EMA, LPL. LBA and NERL) submitted proposed ‘systemised’ networks for
simulation in summer 2024.

DVOR Project

All the existing departure and arrival procedures are dependent upon national assets (provided by NATS En Route
Ltd) that are now scheduled to be removed from service on 1st January 2026. The Manchester Airport Future
Airspace project will provide the long-term solution, replacing dependency on ground based navigational aids
with Satellite navigation. In April 2023 MAG commenced a project to ensure the continuity of operations until
the Future Airspace project is realised. An ‘Impact Assessment’ (IA) was submitted to the CAA in June and a
revised version in November (based on feedback provided in October). In the IA each of the arrival/departure
procedures was analysed to consider the most appropriate solution. We await CAA feedback and approval to
progress the solutions identified, ‘Substitution’ of 20 departure and eight arrival procedures. These proposed
substitutions (alongside three RNAV Arrival Contingency Procedures) will ensure that no change is made to the
existing path (horizontal or vertical) of arrivals/departures. Using these procedures will provide continuity until
the Manchester Airport Future Airspace project is realised. We completed the process to remove the four unused
MONTY Standard Instrument Departures on 28th December 2023 (ACP-2023-035) and commenced the process
to provide three RNAV Arrival Contingency Procedures on 3rd January 2024 (ACP-2024-002).


In Q4, the Press Office proactively published a variety of content promoting additions to the route network and
passenger-facing guidance, along with inviting broadcast media to site to cover stories including architectural
recognition for the new Terminal Two, and the Christmas getaway.

October saw TV coverage from BBC North West, and radio coverage from BBC Radio Manchester, of a dinner
marking 20 years since the retirement of Concorde, evoking nostalgia, and the benefits of the airport to the wider
region. We proactively issued releases on the SAF curriculum launch and jobs fair and dealt with a number of
queries regarding the cancellation of HS2. We also dealt with several reactive queries around a bomb threat on
an Emirates aircraft.

In November, we announced Terminal Two’s nomination as one of the world’s most beautiful airports, as part
of the UNESCO-backed Prix Versailles architecture awards. Broadcast coverage was again secured on BBC North
West Tonight and BBC Radio Manchester, with passengers complimentary about their surroundings, and
supporting interviews from Chris Woodroofe, Managing Director Manchester Airport and James Rogers, a
Director at architects Pascall + Watson, who designed the new building. The story also attracted print coverage
in the Manchester Evening News and online coverage from numerous regional and trade media.

Other key stories from November for which the Press Office secured media coverage include Hainan Airlines’
plans for a daily flight to Beijing from next summer, more than £16k of funding from the airport’s Community
Trust Fund allocated at its latest meeting, a surprise Disney trip for a child with a serious illness, supported by
airport colleagues, and our monthly traffic stats for October, which saw us overtake pre-pandemic figures for the
first time.

On 20th December, we hosted BBC Radio Manchester for a four-hour live broadcast, ‘Flying Home for Christmas’,
which saw interviews with passengers and with more than a dozen colleagues from various roles across the
airport. The show gave us an opportunity to demonstrate the airport in full working order ahead of the busy
festive season and was supplemented by a BBC North West Tonight report. Earlier in the month, we ran a feature
on the top ski destinations served from Manchester, shared a story on the Christmas present appeal organised
by MAN colleagues, and announced a couple of new routes with Royal Jordanian to Amman and Eurowings to
Stuttgart. All these stories garnered local media coverage.

Looking ahead to Q1 2024, the Press Office will be publishing new instalments in its Life at MAN series, in the
form of Q&As with colleagues from various parts of the business and producing a round-up feature looking at
new routes coming in 2024. We will also support the Education, Skills and Employment team with promoting the
apprenticeship scheme and a spring jobs fair and will also promote CSR activity including the next round of
Community Trust Fund donations.
"Looking ahead to Q1 2024, the Press Office will be publishing new instalments in its Life at MAN series, in the form of Q&As with colleagues from various parts of the business and producing a round-up feature looking at new routes coming in 2024"

That could be quite interesting. How do you read the Q & As?
Will the questions be from outsiders with answers by appropriate colleagues. Or will they be internally generated but selected questions as a means of getting particular information out?
Thanks @Scottie Dog as always for providing the info from the MACC :)

A few items that were previously discussed have seemed to gone off the agenda (unless I missed them!).
* T3 improvements - it was previously mentioned we should see investment in T3 including the new security area and a timeline for the expected opening of the new security area.
* Internal transport between the station and terminals for passengers not able to walk the skylink.

I would be interested to know if MAN/MAG have any recent updates to these items...?

Many thanks.

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