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Jan 12, 2009
Re: [JUST JOINED US ?] Introduce yourself here...

Welcome to Forums4airports "pichap" and everybody who has joined over the last few days. You've completed the hardest bit, making a post is the easy part!


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Jan 12, 2009
This is an old thread I have resurrected. It used to be hugely popular but as the forum has grown it become lost. Now it has it's own home on the homepage once again so come on guys and gals - if you're new to Forums4airports, or you never found this thread previously, say hello.

Scottie Dog

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Sep 7, 2016
Okay let's get the ball rolling as an oldie, who has been on here for a while, but I suspect has never done an introduction.

I'm now retired but spent my working life in corporate travel and therefore had opportunities to visit a number of fabulous cities and places - I'm not a beach kind of person.

Now living in Warrington I was brought up with Manchester (Ringway) as my local airport and my early memories are of BEA Dakotas and Viscounts, KLM Viscounts (in their Royal Dutchman colours) and BOAC Britannias. Spotting was from either the old viewing point by the threshold of runway 10(?) - now under Pier C - and then beside the Southside hangars (close to 23L threshold).

Manchester is still "my airport" but I'm also on the right base for 27 at Liverpool. You may have noticed that I am a bit of a statistician and enjoy posting monthly figures for a growing number of airports.

Please enjoy F4A , it is a unique forum - both informative and friendly.


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Jan 31, 2016
Another one that's been around for a bit without an introduction (coming up to 5 years!),

Not connected in any way shape or form within the travel industry (last 25 years has been 8 years at a translation bureau, 4.5 years doing sub-prime doorstep lending to those with poor credit, 1 year at a claims management firm and since May 2010 working for a debt management company helping people manage to pay off all the forms of credit they were given but not able to pay back at the contracted level) Still not had my 10 year anniversary officially marked at work due to COVID and social distancing measure in place),

I've been going to MAN on and off since 1977. I used to run a website all to do with Northwest England with primary focus on Manchester which was fly.to/northwestspotters - operated 1998 to 2004ish where any route news or movement would be recorded. I, like Socttie Dog, am into the statistical side of things but you will mainly find me having a rant and rave about MAN with occasional (unwelcome!) forays into the other airport forums.

Survived a near-death experience coming up to 12 years ago that claimed the life of my mother. Since 2010 (when I remembered I had a camera) I've been going out in reasonable weather conditions taking photos at the weekends when my bother doesn't visit me, and when I'm on holiday - initially just round the local parks bit since 2013 more adventurous - in normal years anything up 60 places visited which needs to placed n the context that i don't drive so it's become an art of co-ordinating train, bus and walking to connect the journeys with back-up plans just in case. Also had my 1st "real" photo assignment in September this year which was taking photos for my operations directors wedding after the booked one withdrew at short notice.


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Jan 16, 2009
East Coast
I am another "oldie" on here and have never introduced myself. Now I am permanently on holiday, I like to get around to airports to take pictures of Airliners and really enjoy commercial flying.
I have travelled far and wide in pursuit of my hobby, including a RTW trip in 2000 and the only 2 continents I have not visited are Africa and South America. At the moment I am planning my trips for 2021 - covid allowing - to Lyon & Oslo, two airports I have not visited before. I usually travel by myself (Billy no mates),you can do what you want, but have occasionally been on organised trips.
I also have no connection with the travel business except as an enthusiast of Commercial transport for 55 years so have first hand knowledge of the ups and downs of Airlines/Airports in that time.


Mar 6, 2018
I'm yet another who's been on here for a few years without an introduction (hadn't noticed the 'Just joined us' 'forum'), so here goes:

I have been an avgeek for far longer than I care to think. I started spotting in Cardiff airport as a teenager - I still have my log books and the very first entry is "CWL 21. Aug.1969". My first proper job was at CWL with Airways Engineering, who very soon became part of BA under the same deal that saw the end of the Cambrian name. I subsequently worked for BA Regional Division, then BA Engine Overhaul and GE Aircraft Engines with a total of almost 30 years in aviation. I'm currently working in higher education but am retiring in April.

I still take an avid interest in all things aviation and once retired intend to start pointing my camera at aircraft again (in addition to the landscape and wildlife stuff I do currently). Also when retired, I will start to scan all the slide and negative pictures I have from my early days photographing aircraft...(dodgy quality a lot of them, but good memories).
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