How concerned are you about the Coronavirus?

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Worrying reports across the news over recent days regarding the Caronavirus. How concerned are you?
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But the point is, not whether it's safe or not, the idea behind the restrictions is you can only let people do so much otherwise there's too much interaction and the virus starts to go out of control. If the choice is a restaurant or a school, then you're going to open the school.

German study found last year there is very little transmission rate when outside. What is there to do on a Sunny Day? We also have 20,000,000 vaccinated ... the most vulnerable. I get your point and would have agreed in April May and even June last year, but on a really sunny day with many locals wanting to get out, the amount vaccinated, and today a huge drop in deaths, cases & hospitalisations, having some fresh air is something I don't really see a problem with. Considering the Chevin it's self is vast and open and there are many differing routes.

I've visited before (December), thought this is going to be so crowded, and it didn't feel at all crowded. The trouble is that the car parks are limited in space and that in it's self draws attention. I can bet you the Swinsty Fewston and Thrusscross reservoirs further north of Otley will have also had an influx of visitors on a sunny day in February.
But testing is going to be more practical in a school environment than in a restaurant. School children and teachers will see the same pupils and teachers each day where as going to a restaurant or pub they will interact with different people.

There's no easy route out of this. All we can do is hope the vaccine does the job. Fingers crossed.
Sunny day and WANTING to go out, well now, There is a bank up the road and it is stuffed full of cash and I WANT some of it. The law restricts my access to that money as does the Law restrict mixing and moving amongst others not in household. Local conditions were not written and not considered when the Coronavirus Act was debated and passed by our representatives in Parliament. It was tried with a tier system that failed leading to national lockdown that was severe.

German studies are representitive of local input and is perhaps not surprising as we British tend to rely upon our own studies believing they are superior and correct. A generalisation but we prefer to do it our way or not at all. Britons do not like being regimented so tough government does not fit the British way.
........Or stay at home. Safer is wiser and avoids problems. One keen Constable and can wreck any plans laid down for the return of good times.

Oh, and can someone buy Boris a comb with instructions as to useage. He represents HM but is an embarrassment to her and the rest of us. Think of it, a game show pannelist and ropey journalist in No. Ten!! I ask you, was Dominic there to protect him or us?

Hoping the Local elections scare the conservative party into action. There are some very credible decent honest and intelligent back benchers (Charles Walker as my example) who could quite easily lead the party & the country. His level headed, pragmatic and holistic thinking is very much welcome into a cabinet which is only focused on coronavirus and if you have anything else sod it. I have been reading that the cabinet is due a re-shuffle with a number of women coming forward for roles and Amber Rudd been tipped for a "state of office". I hope he brings in the like of Charles Walker & Steve Barker et al.

AS for Dominic - I'm starting to think the same protect Boris or protect us from lazy Boris (well known in the media). He made Boris look competent. I despise the guy but at least we had some form of a plan. And he defo kept the likes of Hancock well in check. We'll never know the true inner workings of No.10 but I feel Hancock was frightened of Dominic so was kept a little in check. Now Hancock has free reign to do what the hell he likes.
Charles Walker is perhaps best on the backbenches because he is devastating when he is permitted to let rip on the Government. In Cabinet he would be subject to collective responsibility i.e. No freedom of thought. Amber Rudd, well, we can do better. If she was any good she would have been in Government as she was under T. May. Boris either did not or could not select her. Some female ministers indicated no confidence in Boris before his leadership election. I have said previously that HM would withdraw her support of Boris if he repeated his antics over prorogation before General Election 2019 when he tried to force dissolution on his own terms and bamboozle HM, the Speaker and frustrate Corbyn and play party politics when the nation needed a new Government.

There may be a revolt after the Budget on Wednesday with the national finances laid bare before the country and a number of ministers opt to resign rather than support the Budget Statement as they are required to.
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Starting to realise what the most powerful currency in the world is. Sterling, Dollar, Euro, Yuan you might wonder? Nope. Fear. Whoever can instil the most fear in people has the most power. That is exactly what has happened in this country sadly.

Who would have thought 12 months ago people would be on here criticising people for going to parks! Legally it's allowed at the moment and I for one hope that right is never taken away.

From mass protests to packed beaches the research has never found any links from outbreaks of Covid to these gatherings. Being outdoors is basically the safest place you can be regardless of how many people are around.

I know people are wary of statistics these days and are probably fed up of me giving them, but frankly thats not going to put me off:

Test Positivity (Positive Cases/Total Tests) currently stands at 1.8%. The rule of 6 was introduced on 1st June last year when the positivity rate was 1.7%. This year the rule of 6 won't be introduced for another 4 weeks! 4 weeks ago it was 3.8%; in 4 weeks time it'll likely be less than 1%.

In 2021 we will have less Covid around when restrictions ease than last year AND we'll have a vaccine in circulation, which at current rates all adults will have received at least one dose by mid July AND we have better treatments for Covid now than last year.

How low must cases, hospital admissions & deaths get for everyone to be onboard to ease restrictions? And how much should we sacrifice to achieve that? And before you think of a number, consider that over 600,000 people die every year in the UK from all causes - that's 1600 a day.
Coathanger16 knows this, I know this and I assume those in Whitehall know it BUT, do we know everything or is information being withheld from us necessitating continuation of restrictions? Where are the medical bigwigs and why so silent? I do not mean the civil servants that front the media but the academics qualified in disease management. If Covid was so serious, why is there no Military on the streets of Europe or USA ( MARTIAL LAW ) and suspension of civil administration?

He hits the nail on the head. The constant bombardment of the disease over print media and on TV is not ethical. The latest propaganda adverts by the government are nothing shy of desperate and evil. @JENNYJET I agree. Or more importantly we wouldn't need to be constantly told how scary it all is.

Daily update from GOV.UK for:


Coronavirus (COVID-19): red list travel ban countries

Page summary:
Countries from which entry to the UK is banned – ‘red list’ countries.
Change made:
Portugal (including Madeira and the Azores) and Mauritius will be removed from list Friday 19 March. Ethiopia, Oman, Qatar and Somalia will be added to list Friday 19 March.
Time updated:
6:09pm, 15 March 2021
Portugal is good, the exotics a small inconvenience as the only route is currently on suspension. Little steps before the rush!
Reports in and driven by the media suggest that production of the vaccine in India has been reduced and that the excellent souls in Brussels seek to control British access. Believe what you will but our Government has been prudent enough to overstock, despite protests to the contrary and demands to donate our surplus stock.

Was Brexit a mistake in the current climate?
Reports in and driven by the media suggest that production of the vaccine in India has been reduced and that the excellent souls in Brussels seek to control British access. Believe what you will but our Government has been prudent enough to overstock, despite protests to the contrary and demands to donate our surplus stock.

Was Brexit a mistake in the current climate?
In terms of the vaccine, if we'd gone along at the EU speed we'd have only a tiny fraction of current vaccination numbers done by now so in that sense I don't believe that Brexit was a mistake, although of course there are many other non-pandemic related issues with Brexit.

I thought it a bit rich when von der Leyen complained about some countries keeping vaccines to themselves (we know which country she was aiming at) when some EU countries either won't use the UK funded OxfordAstraZeneca vaccine because of blood clot worries or they restrict it to younger people. If they have such doubts why are they bothered if the UK keeps this vaccine to itself?
I am not sure trying to link Brexit in to this is helpful - everyone just brings along their prejudices from that debate otherwise.

It is clear the vaccine purchase and deployment in the EU is not going as well as it should be, whereas the UK equivalent is going well. I think it is hard to suggest that we would have been better off as part of the EU scheme.

If the EU wants to maximise the number of people being vaccinated concentrating on ensuring use of all the vaccine the already have would give an immediate boost. Stirring up animosity with other countries is not going to help them sort out the problems they have.
They are jealous with what we have done ,and that was pull out of Europe. The best thing we ever did. I lost my job because of Europe and also many thousands as well.
It's all political and it's all scaremongering by Ursula. Rather then admit her leadership and becuracy got in the way of an easy deal with several of the countries, they took over and took another 3 months of pissing about to get it signed. And now they want to tarnish the vaccine in any way they can. Simple - if you don't want our Oxford vaccine we'll hand it out our end. Some analyst's looked at the data and said that this delay is potentially going to cost Germany an extra 1750 lives. Germany alone. The EU's game is falling apart and the EU project with it.

I'm all for remain. Or was.
This pause in vaccines isn't good for bookings for LBA and aviation in general. Bookings were picking up based on pax assumption that they'd be vaccinated by July.

Why are the pausing the vaccine roll out? We have adequate supply of the Oxford one just keep pumping that out. And if we need to get the Johnson & Johnson one approved and give that to anyone under 40. It is after all a one jab vaccine so in effect; once they are done that's it.
The vaccine rollout is not paused. I don’t know where that has come from. There is a slow down in deliveries in early April so more will be concentrated on second doses. The Moderna vaccine should also starts arriving in April. We are still on target to offer all adults a first dose by end of July.

When it comes to holiday, as I have said before, the limitation will be the situation in your destination.
Yes, I don't see anything there which contradicts what I said? Those will first dose appointments will have them in April, many will also have second doses in April. I can also assure you people between 40-50 are already being vaccinated in quite a few areas. Moderna is also due imminently.

The result of the news this week is that they are not taking any new first dose bookings for under 50s in early atm.

There is a slow down of arrivals of vaccine in early April with regard to AZ. There is no pause of the program. They are (sensibly) being conservative and ensuring new appointments are not made which might have to be cancelled.
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