How concerned are you about the Coronavirus?

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Worrying reports across the news over recent days regarding the Coronavirus. How concerned are you?
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Dragging someone off because they don't have their papers. Okay. Didn't they do that in Germany during the 1930's?

If it's not nazism what is it? Because it sure isn't democratic that is for sure. And it isn't a liberal state. As I also said it also isn't protecting public health.
Resisting Arrest , does, if I am correct, invite the use of force in most countries as it amounts to an offence being committed. The offence in question does not apply in UK so some people may have objections and voice them in the only way they can. Unlike in UK, the French do not pussy foot around with disruptors.
I dont think she was resisting arrest @JENNYJET she just, quite rightly, didn't produce her vaccine papers. The over arching theme was an over use of force by the police and so many of them also. Which is disgusting. These politicians, journalists, and even the police, are on the brink of inviting civil unrest and violence against themselves if they are not careful - maybe not in this country but definitely in France, Canada, Australia etc.
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Understood, I was unclear of the circumstances as this news came via yourself and this forum. However, some countries do not tolerate disobedience towards law enforcement and adopt methods unpalatable to some.
I see the “experts” (using that word VERY loosely) have entered made up numbers into a spreadsheet and decided they’ll be 7,000 hospitalisations a day soon. Where they get that number from I’ll never know. Why are they “experts”? The only real life qualification in my eyes is making it up as they go along and getting it wrong every single time. They’ve got a doctorate in that.

People like Neil Furgeson should be doing time for his umpteen wrong predictions and ultimately manslaughter of cattle in 2001 when he predicted every bit of life stock will die if they so much as see another bit of life stock (exaggerated to get my point across).

Or is it a back handers from the media as they are salivating at the thought of another lockdown. “Say this, we’ll pay this and we’ll love a lockdown”. We know the media in this country need a heavy handed regulation. I’m up for free press but not making it up as we go along.

The same “experts” also predicting that it’ll be a difficult winter as flu, colds, and other respiratory disease will rise this winter putting pressure on the NHS. Like every winter season. And this one will be difficult as you really don’t need a brain cell to work out if we are all intermingling again, it is these things that circulate and be easier to penetrate our bodies, as we didn’t intermingle last year and our immune systems have therefore not had the exposure. “Experts” my eye.

We are been told we need to protect the NHS this winter. Why are we doing it? Last time I checked I paid my NI, taxes. Last time I checked there a considerable amount of less beds available this winter then there was last, the winter before that, and the winter before that one. The NHS is not a religious cult and it’s not like they’ve had 18 months to prepare. The government also are responsible for there cuts. I mean it’s okay to recruit 25 chief executives on £270,000 a piece. Let’s forget the funding to invest in beds and staff.

All the while the real experts; those with a view without conflict of interest (shares in big pharma), without the influence/threat of government and its propaganda, JCVI, has said that 12-15 should not get the jab as it does more harm then catching Covid will. Amazingly the CMO, Chris Whitty, has ignored this and signed it off anyway. If this doesn’t prove there is a influence from government I don’t know what will.

And for my final verse we are running short of tubes for taking bloods for routine things or not routine. That’s because we’ve set up a multi billion pound, corrupt, empire for testing. Basically, sod you if you’ve got anything but covid. This country is a joke. Ran by a joke. With a cabinet full of brain dead nodding jokes.

Where’s my tank and my people? Time for a coup.
Sherburnflyer92, you have, in your typically charactilly style placed your thoughts on the record and I myself ride with them, however I differ when it relates to individuals as they are mandated to act as to their masters will.

a coup de tat is hardly necessary as we have the constitution to enable a change of Government.

always good to hear from you sir.
All the while the real experts; those with a view without conflict of interest (shares in big pharma), without the influence/threat of government and its propaganda, JCVI, has said that 12-15 should not get the jab as it does more harm then catching Covid will. Amazingly the CMO, Chris Whitty, has ignored this and signed it off anyway. If this doesn’t prove there is a influence from government I don’t know what will.

This is not correct. The JCVI said the factors of individual risk from the vaccine vs the risk to the child were so balanced that they were unable to recommend it. They did not say children should not get the jab or that it does more harm than catching covid.

The assessment by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is that the health benefits from vaccination are marginally greater than the potential known harms. However, the margin of benefit is considered too small to support universal vaccination of healthy 12 to 15 year olds at this time.

Also the JCVI only look at the reward/risk to the individual and not any wider societal issues like reducing infections generally, hence it then goes to the CMOs and ultimately politicians for a decision based on all factors.
People in Wales will need to show a pass proving they have been fully vaccinated or had a negative Covid test to attend clubs and large-scale events.
The new rules begin on 11 October.

Customers will be able to use an NHS Covid Pass to show they have been vaccinated, or had a negative lateral flow test in the past 48 hours.
The pass will be needed for clubs, indoor no-seating events with more than 500 people and outdoor no-seating events with more than 4,000 people.
It will also be required for any event with more than 10,000 people.

Wales will also encourage people to work from home where possible as part of its Plan A. In England that will be part of Plan B if it becomes necessary.

I mean it was and remains always the bigger wider plan. The fact that the SNP are on record as bad mouthing this but then saying it's necessary just shows something else is at play.

I hope that events and night club industry take them to court over this. Doesn't do anything other then give more unnecessary tyrannical power to big tech and the idiots who are public servants. I would like to think it won't happen in England but can see it happening as they've signed all the multi million pound contracts for it. You know instead of pushing the money into the NHS to make sure the NHS works for us.
Latest travel changes (all changes are from Red to Amber)
Sri Lanka

Further changes for the 4th October:

Amber and Green to become ROW (rest of world)

Pre departure tests will not be required for those who have been double vaccinated in England. Sadly not for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at this time.

Source of info: SeanM1997 on Twitter

Thomas Cook said it expected the coming weekend to be its best for sales in 2021, adding that customers "are booking in droves".

"Based on our bookings already today, I would expect this weekend to be the biggest of the year so far as people take advantage of the great deals on offer, the new easier rules on testing and the simplified system for international travel," said David Child, head of PR and brand at the travel firm.
I see the SoS, George Eustice, for the Environment has suggested that unlocking travel will/could see us plunged into another lockdown due to variants and other such BS, all despite the vaccination roll out been highly successful and doing its job.

I highlighted the word Environment as it's important to highlight that as we now move on from pandemic the environment will be used as the key to lock us up. They will use the coronavirus endemic to cover up wishes of those hell bent on locking everyone away to "protect the environment" - a subject we all agree on as per the thread, needs a sensible level headed approach.

We just need to be very careful over the next 6 months as a country that we don't get suckered into doing this in the name of "protecting the NHS" when in actual fact it's the environmental communists wanting to lock us away in a cave.
We've also been sucked into excuses made by companies for long call waiting times, blamed on Covid.

As the situation eases, have they improved? No! A well-known bank (HQ in Leeds) that prides itself on "outstanding customer service" is a prime example of using Covid as an excuse. They've slashed their workforce and are now having to hastily recruit because they believed moving to a bot/app was the way forward. It's only succeeded in annoying customers old and new. Taking away options on the online banking website left nowhere to complain except on Trustpilot and other review sites.

One customer, as he watched money draining from his account during a scam, was advised it would be 4 weeks before anyone could speak to him about it!

The NHS will lurch from one crisis to the next due to bad management and no Government is willing to grasp it by the throat and sort it out.
The NHS will lurch from one crisis to the next due to bad management and no Government is willing to grasp it by the throat and sort it out.

And that there in lies the problem @Poshgirl. The public will be used as any scapegoat this winter which will be added by the media lap dogs (apart from GB news). The actual pressure's on the NHS stems from useless locking away policies of fit and healthy people over the last period of winter therefore suppressing the majority of the publics immune systems due to lack of any immunity to covid or otherwise (cold's, flu's etc). It also comes from cutting beds which is a conservative consistency over the course of the last few years. Oh and don't even get me start on Brexit impact.

But you are right, ridiculous and ludicrous amount of administration staff with minimal clinical staff. There was an interesting graph I'll try dig it out. It has shown the growth of staff in the NHS since 1970's, what is amazingly worrying is the amount of back of house staff which has grown versus the minimal growth in clinical staff. Whilst I understand for such a large organisation you need these people what you dont need is a ridiculous ratio of 1:20 or something like that. If anything the ratio should be other way round, for every 10/15/20 clinical staff members you have 2/3 administration staff.

Then the procurement issues and the fact that the NHS pays whatever it can therefore pays through the roof for certain things. So much so some businesses have two separate price lists; the real life in the real world market. And then the NHS one which is severally over inflated.

And as I've pointed out - 42 chief executive roles in the NHS on £270,000. Total £11.34 million a year. Or 453 extra normal (none-management) nurses. Whilst I get the need for Chief Execs etc that salary should be limited and done out of care for the NHS and the love of helping the people. Not for greed.
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Sherburnflyer92, you're right but it's not just loads of Admin staff but managers too.

Overspending, or overcharging, happens in other Government departments. A few years ago, some contractors were fined for overcharging MoD. Think it was discovered by auditors, not the ministry itself. Used to work for a government contractor (MoD) and was comparing attitudes with private sector. At the time, their travel department was very frustrating. They paid through the nose for everything because they couldn't/wouldn't ask for discounts or book hotel rooms through agencies like Don't know whether attitudes have changed because the travel team has recently won an award with Business Traveller. We can live in hope!
It all amounts to a 'British ' attitude of deference to one's betters. Anyone that turns to someone else for help generally does not question the response but accepts it.

I was informed by Doctors to isolate myself because I cannot be vaccinated for Covid. Irrespective of the population being vaccinated the virus remains within the Environment. I accepted that advice because I cannot debate it. My betters said it so I accepted it.

Was I in error?
No @JENNYJET you are in the vulnerable category in which you should be protected by our government and ourselves. What get's me is the lockdown on healthy people. The very people who will assist with heard immunity.

What really winds me up is the experts just shutting down the gyms and refusals to engage with the industry. Keeping them open would of assisted with peoples immune systems as they would of been able to continue to be fit. Not only that but mental health well being. All the while the corporations for food and takeouts were open. So able to get food, unhealthy food, but unable to work out at a local gym and keep myself fit.
I seem to remember that last year we were told that 'tweaking' vaccines to deal with new variants was a relatively straightforward process although it might take a few weeks or two or three months. Given that the Delta variant is now the dominant one and has been so for many months and vaccines are said to be slightly less effective against it, is anyone aware of work being carried out to tweak the current vaccines, perhaps in the case of the UK before the boosters are given to the more vulnerable?
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