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Huge blow to the UK aviation industry as Flybe collapses


Huge blow to the UK aviation industry as airline Flybe collapses

Flybe, Europe's largest regional airline has collapsed with all flights cancelled. The news follows eleventh hour attempts to rescue the airline have failed.

The airline first announced it was struggling following Brexit uncertainty and was given a reprieve by it's lenders. The recent Coronavirus outbreak further impacted on seat sales for the struggling airline.

The news of Flybe's collapse came about this evening after aircraft were impounded at a number of airports around the UK. Flights due to depart tomorrow have now been cancelled.

The airlines failure is set to leave around 2000 jobs at risk with around 1000 of those based in Exeter.
This is a deeply distressing time for the Flybe workforce and I truly wish them all well in these uncertain times but I thought this Twitter post highlighted some true British spirit making light of the bad situation. Supposedly a member of Flybe cabin staff was overheard saying "We got passengers, We got planes, we got cabin crew, but we got no money, so we got no other choice but to close early, praise the Lawwwdd.”

Literally thousands of UK airport jobs are now threatened.

This table is a little misleading and was probably prepared by someone who knows nothing about the franchise flights.
Yet another example of poor journalism, especially when they have stated it will not affect those flights. Both Humberside and Teeside are Eastern A/W who are still operating.
It makes my blood boil!
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