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Things to entertain us all during lockdown? Virus Free Zone!


Things to entertain us all during lockdown?

Our sanity is going to be challenged during the coming months and I want to try use the forum in a slightly different way during this period to help people get through this. Going about our daily lives we do things that might seem trivial but they form an important part in our social interaction with friends, family and our local communities. My parents are already socially isolating to prevent them from getting this retched virus. My father is already struggling. So what this thread is for is to share ideas of things to do to entertain ourselves, a little bit of social interaction and general chit-chat. A spontaneous thread to discuss things in a lighthearted way.
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My employer shut down yesterday for an indeterminate amount of time so today I've made a start on the box sets. It's been so long since I've sat and watched television like this but I'm getting it in before the schools close.

Even if my work decide to have skeleton staff return I will need to be off with the kids anyway as my good lady wife is a teacher and will be keeping their school open for vulnerable children and those of critical workers.

As I'm expecting several weeks of 'Daaaaddddyyyy, I'm huunnnggrryyyy' I've just put together a snack 'shopping list' where they will get £1 in 'credit' each day to 'spend' as they wish. As we'll be doing school work online I can also add or take away credit depending on their performance. Credit may also be added for carrying out household chores or removed if they whine about it

The list so far.

Banana 20p
Apple 20p
Orange 20p
Blueberries 20p
Strawberries 20p
Raspberries 20p
Kiwi Fruit 20p
Grapes 20p
Yoghurt 30p
Cereal Bar 40p
Crackers and cheese 40p
2 biscuits 50p
Packet of crisps 50p
Cake and ice cream £1

It's just a bit of fun really and will hopefully go some way to keep them carrying on making healthy choices but with a treat every now and then.

I have some painting to finish off within the house and if this weather improves I have loads to do in the garden. I'll also try and do a bit of walking in between rain showers.

If it goes on for that long I could always have a clear out of the loft :oops:
We've just erected a gazebo. Mrs Aviador calls it her happy place. Somewhere for us to relax and escape the normal daily goings on. I've a feeling we'll be using it rather a lot this summer.
I live close to the lovely Bournville Village so I've been getting daily walks in there. I haven't bumped into many people but every so often I come across a little thing that I have to take note of, for example the fact that to cross a road at traffic lights you have to push a button that lots of other people have pushed, so I'm trying to use zebra crossings where possible.
Unless we get told otherwise, we'll be doing a lot more walking. We live close to Eshholt forest so it's somewhere for the kids to run off some steam. We quite fancy the idea of tripping off to Fountains Abbey now the National Trust are opening their estates for free during this crisis. I'm just slightly concerned they might be defeating the object of social isolation if they're too busy.
Great idea @Ray Finkle that's something I might have to try to keep my two under control!
I am also preparing a 'timetable' for doing their schoolwork at home including setting one corner of a room aside as a makeshift classroom.

Maths and literacy will be the main two but I'll involve other subjects such as finding a few science experiments on Youtube, PE can be a kick about in the garden. If I get too tired I can just stick on a film like the teachers do :)

In between that, cleaning the house, cooking and keeping up to date with my own job I think I'll soon wish that I was back at work :LOL:
I cannot go out for medical reasons, so my dog, PEGGY, and I enjoy some play fights, gently given her age and mine. I have a steady run of aviation stuff on YouTube as normal telly has been disrupted. I have my books and make some treats in the cookhouse.

Best job is reorganizing my Herpa collection of aircraft, the BA heritage fleet needs space to park!
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