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Found this YouTube channel this morning. I so want one of these. It's a must watch...

Basically this bloke makes a bunker under his back garden. Totally crazy.
SciManDan - Who needs an education?

I regularly watch this guy's YouTube channel, where he is usually debunking flat earthers. Here, he delves a little deeper into the more outlandish and Scientifically nonsensical theories that people post on social media.
I found it very funny.


Just been watching this YouTube channel by Jason Pierce leung Some mouth watering food, looks amazing.

I have to admit, I'm not a lover of fish with skin on it but I'd happily eat everything else.
Looks delicious! I'm quite adventurous with food and love Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican etc but have never really tried Korean. I've always wanted to try Kimchi (a fermented and spicy vegetable dish usually served as an accompaniment). I like German Sauerkraut, and imagine Kimchi to be similar, but spicy.

When I was at junior school I had my tonsils and adenoids removed at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital (the building is no longer a hospital). In those days I think that adenoid removal always came as a job lot when tonsils were being taken out.

I didn't know what homeopathy was then but had I been older I might have expected a dock leaf rammed into my throat and a dandelion stuck under my nose to aid recovery. My memory suggests though that 'normal' medicine was practised on me.

It's a very amusing video sketch.
Well at least they would have been stuck up your nose or down your throat, it definitely could have been worse.

Sorry about that "butt" I'm at a bit of a loose end this afternoon.
Quackery is best left to the ducks, or should be but if this is what people are considering then they need look no further than the South Asian community. They practice Ayurvedic medicine, something that was tried on me when I was in Sri Lanka after I was engulfed in mosquito bites and at risk of infection. It relieved the discomfort but not a cure.

I'm afraid that my friend "Duk" can't actually join in our discussion, however he just wanted to share his "like" emoji with you.
It would appear, that many people don't know what Homeopathy really is (something I've suspected for many, many years).
Homeopathist believe that something that is harmful to you can become curative (or stronger), if it is diluted to a point where statistically there can be none of the original substance remaining. They believe that the water it is dissolved and diluted in 'remembers' the shape of the molecule and somehow this becomes beneficial to the patient. The video makes reference to this when mentioning the 'diluted part of a blue Ford Mondeo' and the 'Homeopathic lager' in the last part of the sketch. None of this makes any sense Scientifically. The simple principle of Brownian motion disproves the above.
Some years ago, Homeopathists published an article to support their claims. When the experiments were repeated under Scientific 'double blind tests' and with Magician James Randi observing to check for any sleight of hand, the Homeopathists couldn't repeat any of their claims.
Lastly, Homeopathy is not 'natural' medicine. There are many drugs that have been obtained from natural sources (the anti-cancer drug Taxol and the Penicillins to name but two), but Homeopathy does not include these (other than diluting toxins).

Does this also apply to Aromatherapy?
Personally, I have no time for alternative medicine. I've heard many claims for the likes of aromatherapy and the healing 'energy' of crystals, but non of it makes sense Scientifically. Admittedly, the lungs can be a pathway for treatment, a good example being Salbutamol inhalers for Asthma. But other than that, aromatherapy is nothing more than 'pleasant smells' as far as I'm concerned. Like the 'healing' energy of crystals, the effects of aromatherapy should be measurable both qualitatively and quantitatively. And, if medical benefits are claimed for them, they should undergo clinical trials.
That said, if you believe in aromatherapy it's unlikely to do you any harm although things like scented candles possibly do more harm from smoke inhalation than is gained from the scent.

Do 'pleasant smells' sometimes act as a sort of relaxant for some people and thus reduce stress which itself can lead to various physical and mental problems?
Not a YouTube Channel at all but I could not find the "what am I watching" now thread.

Positive on Sky. It is about HIV, since it's 40 years since the first case in the UK. It's an amazing documentary, I'm only in episode 1, but so far its brilliant. Some brilliant insights from Professors, Doctors, Families, people living with it since the 80's, people living with it in the 21st century having caught it recently.

Although the disease was around, the music in the 80's was amazing, and I kinda wish as a 29 year old gay man now, I was in my twenties in the 80's. Though the thought of catching HIV and then dying would of been ever so present.

If you want to watch a Drama - it's a Sin on Channel 4. Amazing also but get the tissues ready for those teary eyes.
Positive on Sky. It is about HIV, since it's 40 years since the first case in the UK. It's an amazing documentary, I'm only in episode 1, but so far its brilliant. Some brilliant insights from Professors, Doctors, Families, people living with it since the 80's, people living with it in the 21st century having caught it recently.
Thanks for the recommendation, I'll certainly watch that. I was in my very late teens when AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) first started making headlines in the press. It wasn't until later, that the causative agent HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) was discovered. I was at University at the time and as a straight man, thought that this disease only affected the male homosexual population (in fact, much of the press referred to it as the 'gay plague'). We now know this to be totally untrue and it can be passed on to any part of society through unsafe practices, including unchecked blood transfusions. There were even worries at the time, that biting insects such as mosquitoes could pass on the disease (thankfully not true).
Sadly, many people died from this awful disease, but thanks to much research, and the development of suitable drugs, those diagnosed today can expect to lead a near normal life.
I recently watched a documentary about Freddie Mercury and his experience with the disease. How he kept pushing himself to still record and perform with Queen and how the other band members rallied around him. It wasn't until the day before his death that he announced that he had AIDS. Although, I'd seen him on TV a few weeks earlier, looking grey and skeletal and knew something was wrong (and I had a good idea what).

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