Statement from Charlie Cornish, Group CEO, MAG - Quarantine


Statement from Charlie Cornish, Group CEO, MAG - Quarantine
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“For as long as it lasts, a blanket quarantine policy will be a brick wall to the recovery of the UK aviation and tourism industries, with huge consequences for UK jobs and GDP.

“By enabling people to travel between the UK and low risk countries, the aviation industry is able to help lead the UK economy out of this crisis, just as it has in previous recessions. But in order for this to happen, the Government must work quickly to create a smart and targeted approach that recognises that many countries are already low risk.

“European countries are starting to open up, and some that are popular with British holidaymakers want to agree two-way arrangements with the UK to enable travel.

“Government has to take a risk-based approach to quarantine arrangements to enable air travel to restart and to allow British people to enjoy well-earned holidays in safe countries. At the same time this would help kick start UK tourism and hospitality industries, saving businesses and jobs.

“A blanket quarantine will seriously jeopardise the long term future of the sector and put tens of thousands of jobs, and billions of pounds of economic value, at risk.”


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Jan 12, 2009
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The boss of Leeds Bradford has echoed the Manchester airport group in seeking more clarity. It seems the entire aviation industry wants clarity but there's no clarity forthcoming, just more indecision.


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Jan 16, 2009
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This government is going to have to take the decision, sooner rather than later, to let the country start living, not existing, and accept that if it doesn't it will lead us into the biggest and deepest recession ever known. I am really fearful for the standard of living of my grandchildren as they finish their education and go out to get a job.


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Jan 22, 2018
Sooner rather than later normal life must return. People have got to stop believing the media which is turning them into Pavlov`s dog and accept that going about normal life is going to incur risks and accept it. There is a massive focus on care homes but fail to accept that we put people in such homes so that their lives might be safer and happier until they die. We don`t put them in there to recover. In the meantime people in the 30`s upwards are being denied essential care for some of the other treatable nasties that kill more people than this virus will, yet we seem obsessed, again because of clowns like Piers Morgan, to get a 91 year old to 92.

That same analogy applies to business. With all due respect to many who are affected, there are also many sat on 80% wages and less working costs quite happy to be there. Firms, aviation included, need to be told to go back. Be sensible of course but start the flow of the economy. Of course things will recover, it will take time and some may be more difficult than others, but from the ashes will the phoenix rise.

We just need belief, courage and turn the bloody TV news off!!...........Rant over sorry if I`ve offended anyone.
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