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Time To Modernise LBA
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Passengers at Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) have suffered a poor experience for too long and it is time to bring it into the 21st century and modernise, say airport bosses.

LBA’s plans for a replacement terminal, submitted to Leeds City Council in May, propose the construction of a modern, three floor, 34,000 sq. mt. building on an alternative site within the airport’s boundary. If approved, the new state-of-the-art terminal building, designed by leading architects, would deliver a passenger experience beyond what is achievable in the existing terminal, built in 1965 and which has a legacy of several piecemeal extensions over the course of its 55-year history.

If approved, passengers using LBA’s new terminal stand to benefit from a range of improvements, including: -
  • Spacious, temperature-controlled and naturally lit check in, security and departure hall
  • A focus on public transport, with a new bus terminal located as close as possible to the terminal entrance and closer to the proposed Parkway rail station
  • A wider range of bars, eateries, shops and lounges
  • Ample toilets and changing facilities equally spaced throughout the terminal
  • Departure gates allowing passengers to walk straight onto aircraft from the terminal
  • An appropriately sized arrivals hall, with modern baggage machines with fewer queues
  • Significantly faster processing times through the terminal building
Hywel Rees, Chief Executive of Leeds Bradford Airport, said: “Despite our best efforts, for too long many of our passengers have had a poor experience due to the constraints of our existing terminal. The current terminal building was built in 1965 and in its present state is composed of multiple extensions. Terminal design has moved on in the last 55 years. Our existing building is narrow and long, with multiple level changes and so the passenger journey through the airport is constrained and confusing, causing a range of problems that simply cannot be remedied in the current facility. It is very challenging to install modern mechanical and electrical technologies into such an old building.

“If approved, the replacement terminal will dramatically improve our service for the millions who visit our region every year, as well as the people of Yorkshire who travel to see friends, family, colleagues and customers around the world. It will allow us to improve public transport, reduce queuing times and improve the overall experience; providing better dining and shopping facilities, extend seating, and more efficient security and immigration areas. It will also give Leeds, Bradford and Yorkshire a truly world-class airport.”

LBA received consent to expand its existing terminal in January 2019 and the airport’s current roadmap signposts a target of seven million passengers by 2030. A decision from the Council on LBA’s latest proposal for a replacement terminal is expected in the autumn and, if approved, it is anticipated that work could begin before the end of 2020, with the terminal completed in 2023.

For more detail on LBA’s proposal, and the option to share your thoughts, then please visit Leeds City Council’s planning portal and quote the reference number 20/02559/FU or search Leeds Bradford Airport





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