Weather & Technical Diversions, Delays & Cancellations


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Jan 21, 2017
FAO already cancelled!
If the schedule is more than 90 mins behind, it means crew are out of hours so for the 3rd time this month, FAO has had to be cancelled because of crew being out of hours!

Very poor in my opinion, and probally the reason why FAO is getting moved to the 06:00 slot from a July onwards so the crew can do FAO alone; then the next do ALC-PMI which is a smaller block time compared to ALC-FAO due to it being slightly smaller flying time!
Is ALC and PMI achievable with one set of crew? I always thought it was too long a day to do both


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Jan 25, 2017
I believe that one crew has been doing ALC; then the other set of crew are doing PMI-FAO!

Obviously that allows minimal wiggle room if the aircraft is delayed, 1.5 hours I think and after that they are out of hours

If crew do FAO alone, then ALC-PMI, you are saving maybe an hour in flying time giving that extra hour more wiggle room
If any delays occur which seems to be a regular occurrence!

That’s my observation on why FAO is being moved to the 6am slot!
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