Skiathos Airport (JSI)

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Mar 23, 2011
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I was surprised to see no thread for JSI

Right then I will start it off and I have to say some incredible footage of this airport in Greece, however come on silly people, seriously.

If you fast forward to around 17.07 minutes and watch the TUI (Sunwing) take off for LGW and a women is seriously hurt. How can this be allowed to happen and also the size of the fence around the airport means anybody can get onto the runway as far as I can see ???? #bonkers

Also we get to see our BHX based TUI 757 probably for the final time at JSI :cry::cry::cry:



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Jan 14, 2009
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I happened to watch that particular video on YouTube a few days ago and came to the same conclusion as you about safety issues.


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Apr 29, 2021
Love the Skiathos videos. Will be ashame to see no 757s down there now that TUI are retiring the type. The only hope is that Jet2 might still use them on their Manchester flights whilst they’re still around.


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May 5, 2010
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Skiathos has always been the same. With the short runway (just over 1600m) it is a good job that with landings from the north there haven't been any overruns. Imagine the carnage that would bring. Fuel stops on the return legs are necessary when fully laden usually at Saloniki or sometimes, less frequently, at Volos. Good video and it makes you wonder about the some of the holidaymaker spotters doesn't it.


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Aug 2, 2021
JSI is "captains only" landing due to runway length/width. When UK tour operators first operated there, it was very common to have a fuel stop at SKG. Volos was introduced as the flight also carried passengers for Pelion. Kavala has plenty of space and a nice long runway.

The 757 can do JSI-UK non-stop but it depends on many factors. Load (passengers and bags, etc), weather conditions (wind direction, temperature). Always captain's discretion without impinging on safety. The non-stop 757 figure above 90% when compared with Airbus A320/321. So the published flight time may contain a contingency for a refuel stop.

There's been talk of a runway extension, EU grant funded. Don't know if any progress has been made. A few years ago, an MD80 almost overran. There's an interesting video on YouTube of a TUI 757 overshooting the taxiway entrance. A different use of reverse thrust! Also, BA Cityflyer very low landing. One family had a lot of explaining to do when returning hire car. They'd left tailgate open when jet taking off.

Take a look at videos from St Maarten....
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