David Dillinger

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Sep 30, 2022
United States
Hello everyone! We've been working on this new aviation trading platform for about 2+ years now and would like some honest feedback about the launch.
We are trying our very best to be the single place to buy and sell all things aircraft related. Hence the name: partsandplanes.com. It's all free. We try to cover our costs by the pay-per-click, advertisers, and a very small transaction fee for part sellers of only 1%. Yes; I too miss the days of getting Trade-A-Plane in the mail and thumbing through it for days on end. Hopefully; what we are offering will fill that space and be a positive addition to the aviation community.
If you have any parts; you can list them one at a time, or in bulk as our built-in, AI will sort them out and put them in the correct order. We will also launch the app next week which will allow users to instantly upload parts and aircraft, again; all with ease and simplicity.
Please use the "feedback" button to reach out to us if you find something that doesn't quite work right or makes sense, and we will address it immediately.
I'm a commercial pilot, mechanic, and owner of four aircraft, so hopefully I designed it in a way that all aviation geeks will find useful.
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