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Sep 29, 2016
Now officially announced:

HRH Crown Prince Announces “Riyadh Air” New National Carrier to Further Expand Saudi Aviation Ecosystem Locally and Globally​

Riyadh, KSA - 12 March 2023​

  • Riyadh will be the company’s operational hub, and will connect the Saudi capital to over 100 destinations globally
  • The new carrier will acquire modern aircraft equipped with the latest technology, and will adopt world class sustainability and safety practices
  • Riyadh Air will usher in a new era for the travel and aviation industry globally and will provide tourists from around the world the opportunity to visit Saudi Arabia’s cultural and natural attractions
  • The establishment of the airline is aligned with PIF’s mandate to further enable the aviation ecosystem in Saudi Arabia
Other bits:

- Tony Douglas will be CEO (ex Etihad CEO)
- Aims to serve 100 destinations by 2030
- Expected to add $20bn to GDP with 200,000 direct/indirect jobs
Riyadh Air livery unveiled:

Not to sure myself. At least its not the same "Eurowhite" livery that most airlines seem to go with these days, but the tail design seems pretty simple and uninteresting.

Sounds like they'll have another livery as well, so remains to be seen if this will be the standard livery with the yet to be unveiled being a special livery; this being a special livery with the standard one to be unveiled; or if they go down the Jet2 route of having a fairly even split between the two liveries.
There are quite a few airlines with multi colours, Saudi, Gulf Air. There are a few which are lacking i:e SAS, Lufthansa with Euro Blue

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