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Jul 25, 2017
I don’t think it been discussed about but Global Airlines has acquired an A380 with more coming over the next few months, they have plans to serve Los Angeles from London. it will definitely be interesting to see if they could pull this off.

even less chance of an actual flight than IPS Airways I am afraid.

it does seem if you are from the right background and know the right people, you can do this “pretend I have a successful company” rubbish and p*** away money from your investors

i can only think the investors must be using this to get a nice loss they can crystallise for tax purposes and offset against some gains. anyone with more than two brain cells can see you are never getting your money back. but in the meantime Asquith will have a good life which he can show off to his ig followers
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Being elevated in the field of Law does not make one immune from the troubles of medical life, apart from a long standing Brain issue, I have been diagnosed with Angina, a condition that actually hurts. I have no family and since my precious dog Peggy died, I have have no one to oblige myself. I am unwell, cannot avoid that so I wish you all well.
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That time of the year again. The Eurovision 2024

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