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Jan 12, 2009
Quoting information from an external source

Forums4airports is moving away from allowing embedded images of Twitter posts and images that offer proof as they use an unnecessary amount of forum resources.

How to offer attributions to information provided by other websites or the owners of intellectual content considered as primary souces.

If you are quoting a primary source you should offer a full url link (copy the website page address from the other site) You can then paste the url into the INSERT LINK option in the posting form indicated by a chain link :- " link.jpeg"

This example must only be used to link primary sources.

Where a secondary source is used such as a user on X Twitter who is quoting information from elsewhere you should use the following method to attribute that user unless you know the information is in the public domain.


"SeanM" user on "X" site says "xxxxx".

This is an adequate way of providing attribution to secondary source, and a url is not necessary.

This doesn't apply to embedded YouTube content.

Members of Forums4Airports should seek advise from me if they need any further clarification on this.
Hi all,

Just to say that we'll be revising the guidance and new guidelines will be available on our help pages once they are finished @ https://forums4airports.com/help/quotingexternalsources/ in summary they will be as follows:

If pulling information from a source on social media or a website, you should paraphrase where possible (write in your own words) what is being said and link back like so:

A new Asian link coming to Manchester China Eastern are proposing Shanghai to Manchester.

The following ways will NOT be accepted in posts and will either be edited or deleted:
  1. Directly copying and pasting information word for word (this is to avoid accusations of plagiarism)
  2. Just linking back to the information without providing context as to what's mentioned in the link (this adds no value to the forums discussion as users must go elsewhere to view what it's about)
  3. Content behind a paywall or account that is not publicly visible to all users (this is to avoid accusations of theft of information that shouldn't be free or in the public eye)
In the event there is no written media to source to cite (refer to) because you heard or were told about something by members of staff in passing at an airport the following would be acceptable:

Staff members at Manchester Airport mentioned that there's a rumour of a new Asian link coming soon proposing to link Shanghai and Manchester together from China Eastern [...]

These guidelines should be followed to prevent accusations of plagiarism, both by the user posting it and by the forum hosting the content. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.
In the event there is no written media to source to cite (refer to) because you heard or were told about something by members of staff in passing at an airport the following would be acceptable
Which is fine but just because they’ve posted something on twitter does not always mean that it’s been taken from themselves.

Information doesn’t always come from those 2 users in question.

I’m sure there’s users on here that work for companies and will get some sort of heads up with regards to new routes before they become available to public.
Which is fine but just because they’ve posted something on twitter does not always mean that it’s been taken from themselves.

you are merely stating where you have got the information from, not where they have got it from.

if your post is because you got the information from them, it is only fair you credit them. if you got it from somewhere else, you do not have to credit them even if they have repeated it themselves.
Just to clarify, the post I used is just a recent example I have used and applies to ANY source used as @KARFA said, not just two certain users who may or may not have been complaining about their posts on X being shared here with or without proper credits to them. We will not be going into further details regarding this, and I would personally encourage users to do their own research before going direct to these two said users since they don't want their contents shared here, even if they are credited as the source of information.

Therefore, if you get your information from a conversation from an airport worker, you should state that you got the information from a conversation with an airport worker. If you got your information from another user on X or another social media site, you should link back to their post and if you picked up your information from a website, such as a newspaper, airport or airline website, you should link back to their articles instead.

Thanks :)
Hi all, apologies for any delays but this has now been fully formalised in a new help page available from the following link:

The page also specifies what links are allowed to be used and which are banned, of which the two most common links banned are Facebook Groups and Google Groups.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to myself or @Aviador

Thanks :)

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