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The MET Office is now giving a 'red' weather warning for me in the East of England. I'm sure we'll be without power, as it usually only takes a butterfly to break wind, for the power to go off here. At least, I've got some beers in!

There is a warning that temperatures could reach 34C today. This is just a few days after some were still using the heating overnight. Please stay hydrated, wear a light hat/keep in the shade when outdoors and check on any elderly neighbours.

London perhaps but for the majority of us it's been an anti climax. A warm day, nothing to write home about. Back to cooler weather for tomorrow so make the most of what's left of the warm weather today.
Hot and humid here in Cambridgeshire. Looking at reports for the temperature today, I've seen between 30C and 32C. Significantly cooler tomorrow, with rain due in the afternoon. Possible thunderstorms on Sunday morning.

After a glorious, but very hot, day yesterday, it's all doom and gloom today with wind, rain and thunderstorms forcast :(
Today's weather has been fantastic. a lovely cool damp breeze. Today's weather had been very useful indeed for our gardens and wildlife with a splash of water everywhere, let's not forget about that.

Yesterday was too hot, loooooooooool

This week in my home town isn't looking too bad from Monday, back up 25 degrees on Tuesday/Wednesday ;-)
I'd love to return to Bude someday, though I bet it's changed so much from my childhood. I don't think the Sky was glowing last night, but it certainly was on Saturday night. Looks like it's going to be back to an above-average temperature week for some with back-to-back sunshine on Wednesday and Thursday for Falmouth!
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