You know im correct haha some just cant handle the truth!
Your'e obsessed with this!

For your own wellbeing, get over it. It was 1984. Moving the touch down point wasn't something LBA did as a bright idea. It was part and parcel of the runway extension. No extended runway without it.

As for wide bodies landing here, they don't do so now because :

a). There's no way the existing terminal facilities can cope with wide bodied arrivals nor would any half decent middle eastern airline fly here without much improved facilities.

b). There's no real demand from airlines to fly them here. Jet2 are unlikely to ever fly the A330s here, just as they dont fly them anywhere else except MAN.

c). The current stands include only one that can fit a wide body aircraft type.

Your assertion that none will fly here because of the runway is rather weird, considering in the past, (when LBA was generally quieter and better able to handle wide bodies without causing chaos), we had numerous scheduled and chartered 747s, Tristars, DC10s, A300s, 767s and more recently A310s and A330s. Nothing has changed with the runway. It's the same now as back then, when in fact, aircraft performance was generally worse than today. The market has changed, and the terminal became much busier, so any wide body aircraft now is far more disruptive than in the past. In a nutshell, LBA dont really encourage them.

I strongly suggest you wait and see how things are after the terminal is completed and more stands built, but for heavens sake, please stop banging on about a touch down point that is never likely to be moved back to where it was, no matter how nice that would be or how much we would all like it to happen.
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You know im correct haha some just cant handle the truth!

The truths are

1. The change in the touchdown zone was a mandatory requirement imposed by the CAA when the runway was extended.

2. Since the runway opened in 1984 there havent been any proposals from any of the airports owners or investors to relocate the touchdown zone. So its clearly not a viable idea
Yes, but the problem is that Manchester thinks Gatwick is on steroids and should have half of what Gatwick is getting. It's an iterative process depending on where you live. I am sure someone in Humberside thinks half of LBA's TUI and Wizz Air programme should be there.

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