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Jan 12, 2009
If you would like to recommend an airport website pop it here and we will add it to the direct links.


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May 5, 2010
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Here are some Greek international airport served from various UK airports. There are many more domestic airports and more international ones not served from the UK. Plus a link to the Fraport website who took over the running of 14 airports with a 40 year lease in 2017.

Chania (CHQ Crete) increasingly significant - https://www.chania-airport.com/
Herkalion (HER Crete) will move around 2022 to Kastelli (east of Heraklion) - http://www.hcaa.gr/en/our-airports/kratikos-aerolimenas-hrakleioy-n-kazantzakhs
Thessaloniki (SKG) - https://www.skg-airport.gr/en/flights - more/airport-information
Skiathos (JSI) - https://www.jsi-airport.gr/en/flights--more/flights--destinations#flightsandmore/type=arrival/page=1/time=2020-09-17 21:04:10
Fraport Greece - https://www.fraport-greece.com/eng/about-us/the-company
Rhodes (RHO) - https://www.rho-airport.gr/en/flights--more/airport-information
Kos (KGS) - https://www.kgs-airport.gr/en/at-the-airport/airport-services
Athens (ATH) - https://www.aia.gr/traveler/
Kefalonia (EFL) - https://www.efl-airport.gr/en/at-the-airport/airport-services
Zakinthos (ZTH Zante) - https://www.zth-airport.gr/en/at-the-airport/airport-services
Santorini (JTR) - https://www.jtr-airport.gr/en/at-the-airport/airport-services
Mykonos (JMK) - https://www.jmk-airport.gr/en/at-the-airport/airport-services
Kalamata (KLX) - http://www.ypa.gr/en/our-airports
Lesbos (MJT) - https://www.mjt-airport.gr/en/at-the-airport/airport-services
Samos (SMI) - https://www.smi-airport.gr/en/at-the-airport/airport-services

I have visited them all plus many domestic ones over the years. If you want to list all the domestic ones let me know and I'll work my way through them. Many (if not all) also are shared in some way shape or form with the military so photography is NOT ALLOWED. Spotters have come to grief in recent years at Kalamata and Chania and ended up in clink.

There are many,many, more domestic airports which I will work through and list for you if you ask plus there are other international airports not currently served from the UK.
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