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    Southend Airport (SEN) - Thread

    For a relatively small airfield it's difficult to imagine the airport ever being able to handle 20m passengers a year.
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    Edinburgh passenger numbers decline during October

    Edinburgh passenger numbers decline during October A total of 1,309,170 passengers passed through Edinburgh Airport in October – 1% behind the same month last year. The fall in domestic passengers had a big influence on the overall numbers as Ryanair ended its Stansted route. The route was...
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    Loganair celebrate 25,000 passengers at Newcastle Airport

    Loganair celebrate 25,000 passengers at Newcastle Airport Loganair have welcomed their 25,000th passenger since starting operations from Newcastle International Airport. Lucky passenger Freek Vancraynest was surprised by airport staff as he checked in ahead of his flight to Brussels, Belgium...
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    British Airways customer Phil Reynolds proposes to girlfriend at Heathrow

    He put a wing on it Love was in the air at Heathrow Terminal 5, when British Airways customer Phil Reynolds got down on one knee to propose to girlfriend, Bethan ahead of their flight to Milan. The terminal has sentimental meaning to the couple as Bethan was based 4,000 miles away from Phil...
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    Resolved Adverts problem

    There shouldn't be any adverts showing right now so again if anybody sees ads you should let me know.
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    Resolved Adverts problem

    Scrap that, I've seen a problem already.
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    Resolved Adverts problem

    I'm currently testing different advertisement coding. Please let me know if you notice anything out of the ordinary while using the forum.
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    Resolved Adverts problem

    Anyway folks, those that don't currently choose to upgrade to help us pay for the forum, what you see now is what you normally get with a subscription plus a few permission based extras.
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    Resolved Adverts problem

    I only noticed we had a problem yesterday as full page ads were showing and when you scrolled down the ads wouldn't move. I thought I'd cleared the problem yesterday evening but then it reappeared this morning. I spent a further couple of hours trying to tweak the ads this morning and the...
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    Resolved Adverts problem

    I've turned the ads off for the moment so we're up sh*t creek without a paddle.
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    Resolved Adverts problem

    @Kevin Farnell are you able to clear your cookies and cache to see if it clears the problem?
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    Resolved Adverts problem

    I've been having problems with the ads since the latest software update about a week ago but I wasn't aware it was doing that. What platform and browser are you using?
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    Manchester Metropolitan Area

    A mini Manhattan if all that lot get built.
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    Manchester Airport's PremiAir opens its doors to the cameras

    Manchester Airport's PremiAir opens its doors to the cameras New pictures released showing what passengers can expect from Manchester Airport’s private terminal PremiAir now welcoming passengers travelling with 23 airlines from Manchester Prices start from £50 per person MAG has today...
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    Leeds Bradford - General Thread

    @Bhowani try the Direct Message system or update your Profile for 121 discussions.
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