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    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    Some of the Leeds Uni bunch live in Manchester so I imagine they must commute in their gas guzzling 4x4s to Leeds where they preach their global warming gospel.
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    What are you listening to now? MKII

    It's been a while since this thread was kicking.....
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    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    The London City project is a capital spend of 500 million, a substantially larger sum of money than the proposed spend at Leeds. If AMP get the plans passed, it is entirely possible they could place it on hold but I think its unlikely.
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    Wizz Air

    Digressing slightly from the good news but I have to admit I love the Wizz Air livery. It spices up any ramp on a gloomy day.
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    EasyJet has apparently cancelled all holidays to France, the Netherlands and Malta until the end of August when the government reviews the situation.
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    Wizz Air Announces New Base and Major Expansion at Doncaster Sheffield Airport

    Wizz Air Announces New Base and Major Expansion at Doncaster Sheffield Airport 1 New Based Aircraft and 7New Routes Wizz Air, Europe’s greenest airline*, today announces a new baseat Doncaster Sheffield Airport, which will be the second base for Wizz Air UK, the group’s UK-registered and based...
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    Wizz Air

    It's a huge confidence boost for Doncaster Airport, especially through such hard times. The airline has already built up a good customer base at the airport who trust the airline for it's punctuality and reliability.
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    Road, Rail & Access Issues

    Just entering Hull I'd seen a speed camera van. I checked my speed at I was doing 42 in a 40 limit but I was at 30 as I entered a 30 limit shortly after. Think I'll be alright. No points on my licence, so hopefully I'll keep it that way.
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    The weather - General Thread

    I have to admit I like a good storm too @JENNYJET We don't seem to get storms like we used to, or at least not how I remember them. I remember the sky turning black through the day and a storm lasting what seemed like hours.
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    Road, Rail & Access Issues

    I didn't break any speed limits today (as far as I know :ROFLMAO: )
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    What services you are using?

    Fingers crossed, and toes.
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    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    I'm not so sure it's BBC bashing as such but the local news does come across sometimes as having editorial bias for some reason? A few weeks ago I mentioned a Look North programme which featured a news item regarding the LBA terminal proposal. The story was immediately followed by a news item...
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    Thank you from Forums4airports!

    The forum received a couple of donations over the last week. A big thank you for your support, it really makes a difference.
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    Weather & Technical Diversions, Delays & Cancellations

    FR24 will work fine so long as you don't mind landing on the A65.
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    Road, Rail & Access Issues

    Just returned from a Monday - Friday break on the East Coast near Hornsea. As ever when travelling regionally, I always take the opportunity to time the journey back as I live just a mile from LBA. They journey time to LBA by road is frequently mentioned as being a ball ache so I put that to the...
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