• Forums4airports Statement re: Covid-19 after Prime Minister, Boris Johnson's address to the Nation at 20:30 on Monday, March 23rd 2020 Please be aware of the latest measures implemented by the UK Government this evening, It is now advising all persons to stay at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. PLEASE we ask, with any movements due in the next few weeks to your local Airport, Military base or local airfield, that you DO NOT attend that airport, military base or airfield, no matter how special it maybe. No aircraft is worth your health, your families health and all those around you. Those aircraft will come back we are sure, so please, adhere to the Government's advice and stay at home. We wish every single one of our members, your families and loved ones the very best for the next few weeks and months ahead. Please, please do your bit to Help the NHS and all emergency services. Site Admin and Moderator Team

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