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    Route Development & Rumours

    I thought fedex was meant to end on the 31st may did they change there mind
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    Route Development & Rumours

    ... indigo... spicejet
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    Air India

    They gave the slots back to etihad so I doubt they will
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    WOW Air

    It looks like the founder of wow Air is planning to make a new airline or a wow Air 2.0
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    WOW Air

    Update they now have e cease operations
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    WOW Air

    Wow Air have grounded all flights until further notice
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    WOW Air

    Wow Air are back in talk with Icelandair group
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    TUi Airlines UK

    Does anyone know if cancun flights in 2020 will be operated by the 787-8 or 9
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    Eastern Airways

    If they haven’t wonder if connect airways will buy them
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    Is emirates the launch customer of the 777x or Lufthansa?? As this video says it Lufthansa as emirates said they are not 777x launch customer but couldn’t find anything say it
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    I just can’t believe that Flybe has to pay 141 million to use the virgin brand
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    Route Development & Rumours

    Why thought
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    Route Development & Rumours

    I think after brexit they would expand
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    Route Development & Rumours

    But would the away based have the right times and would it involved move lots of things around
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    Route Development

    They also have flights over in America so people can connect aswell which will help
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