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  1. lbaspotter

    Sun Express

    Sun Express flight #SXS560 Friday, July 5th 2024 delayed & Diverted due to emergency concrete repairs to the runway at Leeds Bradford Airport What was supposed to be a 4 hour 20 minute flight turned in to a nightmare 7 hour 35 minute journey home from #Turkey. We boarded our aircraft Boeing...
  2. Aviador

    Airport Consultative Committee [Questions & Responses]

    Firstly thanks for the super update. I, can't believe only 25% of the steel is up! On the topic of LBA marketing if we don't already have a dedicated thread I think it might be worth having one? I noticed the "Ey up" a week or so ago and cringed at the sight of it but I thought maybe that it...
  3. Aviador

    Avooma BE Regional - a new UK regional airline?

    Avooma it is. You can all rest now as beregional is no longer the name for this start up airline. I'm not sure about the choice of name they have chosen but it is what it is, Avooma? #Avooma #StartUpAirline
  4. Aviador

    Archive Weather & Technical Diversions, Delays & Cancellations

    @White Heather This type of question is frequently brought up. All runways require attention regularly and all airports tend to have winter closures to facilitate regular maintenance. All runways occasionally suffer from damage which requires urgent attention. In most cases, a man in a van...
  5. lbaspotter

    Spotting Movements Log & Heads Up

    Looks like Ryanair are doing a tail swap with the LBA based Boeing 737-800 this evening. EI-ENJ has just positioned out to Eindhoven as “RYR1132” whilst EI-EKT is due to position in at 20:30 from East Midlands as “RYR1133” That’s live & direct from down town [/C#AlanyaI]
  6. Aviador

    Cardiff Airport - General Thread

    You have to remember, I approach this topic as an outsider. I have no vested interest in the airport or in neighbouring BRS airport. Whether either airport succeeds or fails makes not difference to me. You actually quote the main problem Cardiff Airport faces: "It's easy to get to other...
  7. Aviador

    Just Stop Oil at it again

    The Telegraph is reporting that the Police have arrested 27 people on suspicion of planning to cause widespread disruption at airports during the summer holidays. Are these people missing the point. The UK is currently holding a General Election which is the democratic way of expressing your...
  8. Aviador


    The full #REGEN might not be completed until 2026 but we will likely see a capacity increase by summer 2025.. The new arrivals facility and large spacious departure area needs to open prior to the closure of the current arrivals hall.
  9. nwoody2001


    So I’m counting 7x aircraft there… #jus#justsaying
  10. Aviador

    Europe calls time on tourism...?

    https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/world-news/holidaymakers-told-go-home-protestors-29365321 The Spanish are at it again, this time in Majorca where protesters are going onto beaches telling tourists to leave and go home. They really need to be careful what they wish for. Other...
  11. Aviador

    Could we see APD devolved to Wales under Labour?

    In principle I'm not against handing the APD tax made from Welsh aviation over to the Welsh government to spend on whatever it chooses. If a devolved government then used its powers of devolution to lower the APD at CWL to make it more attractive to English customers across the Severn, then I...
  12. N

    Security, Immigration & Border Control

    Indeed, 2pm outbound (but 10:30 express lane booked to maximise lounge time :)) Well, that seems to be whats happening, in favour of the APM (between HS2 Interchange Station and BHX via NEC and BHI), with the drop off at the south of the south terminal. Terrible location, sadly, but prime...
  13. Aviador

    Aviation Security - General Thread

    While security has never been compromised, a number of airports using the new scanners have experienced long queues due to a higher-than-expected rejection rate, as security officers carry out hand searches. Sources have told The Independent that harmless liquids such as sunscreen have been...
  14. Aviador

    Airport Security, Immigration & Border Control

    Ministers have ordered an astonishing emergency U-turn on airport security following concerns about new equipment that allows passengers to keep liquids in their hand luggage. Airports with the new scanners have been ordered to reimpose old rules from midnight on Saturday, meaning that...
  15. Aviador

    Aviation Security - General Thread

    Ministers have ordered an astonishing emergency U-turn on airport security following concerns about new equipment that allows passengers to keep liquids in their hand luggage. Airports with the new scanners have been ordered to reimpose old rules from midnight on Saturday, meaning that...
  16. EX9

    Airport Security, Immigration & Border Control

    LBA have put the following on social media " The Department for Transport has today issued new security guidance on liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGS) in hand luggage. From Sunday 9th June from 0001hrs onwards, liquid containers up to 100ml may be carried through security in your hand baggage...
  17. Aviador

    Security, Immigration & Border Control

    Must be natural to queue outside in all weather then? Rain is in the forecast for the next few days so there's going to be some unhappy punters at BHX. #BHXfiasco #BHXsecurity
  18. Aviador

    Another UFO sighting....

    An intriguing discussion about UAP and the political ramifications of lack of transparency. A very sobouring discussion with Ross Caulthart. #UFO #RossCaulthart #UAPDisclosure
  19. Aviador

    Help build a comprehensive list of worldwide airport expansion

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/news/europe-pursues-net-zero-mega-airports-built-in-deserts/ An interesting story in the Telegraph and something we've been saying for a long time. It seems pointless in trying to curb European aviation growth when the rest of the world is building monolithic...
  20. lbaspotter

    Monarch Airlines

    Well, Well! Monarch with Avion Express are actively advertising for Airbus A320 type rated flight crews & Cabin crews to be based at #Luton, #Birmingham, #Manchester & #Leeds
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