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    Random Stuff!

    Suppose that initially they could construct a facility inside the old hangar 2 as it already will have power and water connections and would be away from prying eyes, just assumption but looking like desperate times coming.
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    Yes we can consider BHX as one of their primary UK routes he says hopefully.
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    How concerned are you about the Coronavirus?

    Given all the doom and gloom how nice is this note that a young lady who lives in our close posted through our letterbox today? Hello neighbour, My name is ***** and I live at Number 21. I realise that things are a little uncertain in the world at present but that won't stop any of us in...
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    Binge Worthy Box Sets

    Watched the new episode of Westworld on Monday as my son told me it's great to be honest haven't got a scooby what its about so best of luck, good special effects though.
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    Random Stuff!

    There is no such thing as British Airways shares only IAG so any shares purchased are of the group. IAG are a Spanish registered company and share are traded in London and Madrid. The group headquarters is London based and to confuse matters further the groups official name is International...
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    Definitely optimistic but presumably it lets them hang to people's deposits on later dates for a while, cash flow and all that it's a horrible situation for everyone.
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    Now on Sky flights to mainland Spain, Balarics and Canaries cancelled immediately.
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    How concerned are you about the Coronavirus?

    The use them or loose them rules regarding slots are being relaxed so that particular problem should get sorted. Regarding the U.S. travel ban it's being clarified as applying to the 26 Schengen countries only so Ireland should escape the ban as well as the U.K. Trump also stated that import of...
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    BHX Movements and Heads Up

    Cheeky chappie!
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    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    Part of the original terminal opened in 1984 (Maglev).
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    Random Stuff!

    I think the word lady is a bit of an euphemism with those adverts I get then as well, the adverts that is.
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    Route Development & Rumours

    The words happy and Greta do not belong in the same sentence for her and people like her! Miles off topic on here so maybe quite a few posts including this one should be moved elsewhere as nothing to do with route development or rumours.
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    Route Development & Rumours

    Actually I quite agree and would not cancel but my kids have a different opinion saying it's not just about cost but concerns about their children just making the point that the aviation industry is in for a difficult time. Cheers rollo
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    Route Development & Rumours

    My eldest son is going to Florida in May with Tui from BHX with wife and two kids and has until next week to cancel which will cost them £1500, if they leave it any longer it will be over £10k, pretty sure they will bite the bullet and cancel. There must be many folk facing similar decisions...
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    According to a post on the other forum Iberia are looking to increase frequency at MAN possibly utilizing the BHX aircraft.
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