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    The Official Tribute Thread

    I share the view of Local Yokel of Harry Gregg's heroics suffice to say cometh the time cometh the man thrust into a situation to aid others in a desperate need of help and he answered the call, deep respect.
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    Qatar Airways

    Definitely would prefer added frequency to improve connectivity say to ten weekly, wasn't the original service started at eight weekly with a double daily on Saturdays?
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    Life after Brexit, the Land of Milk, Honey and Utopia?

    Go on then I'll bite a little bit then. The EU funds/subsidies nothing in practice in the UK. According the the Office of National Statistics the figures for 2018 in its pink paper section 9.9 for the UK's gross contribution was £20billion less a £4.5biliion rebate (no money actually changes...
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    Random Stuff!

    Did somebody say something, ZZZZZZ
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    Airbus Industries

    Airbus have agreed to pay the government's of the UK, USA and France 3 billion euros in fines for illicit payments to third parties to facilitate deals.
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    Random Stuff!

    Coventry airport (Bagington) was re opened in 2010 having closed in 2008, as for jumbo flights or whatever never in a million years. I think the largest regular aircraft to operated were Thomson Fly 737s and maybe Wizz A320s for a short while With a 6,500 ft runway the airport is a general...
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    Random Stuff!

    Coventry escape with a draw today just wait until we get them back at our place !
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    Random Stuff!

    Its It's not that simple the Blues fans cannot go in their home end (Tilton) and the Coventry fans cannot go in their home end as the Blues fans who think they are at home are allocated the away end (Railway end plus the main stand) meanwhile the Cov fans get the Kop but might be allowed in...
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    Flying from Brum? Tell us where you're going

    To be honest Ray in our experiences it's pot luck we have entered the U.S.A.through five different points and it seems to depend on the individual immigration officer, some are as nice as pie others are miserable gits. Either way it takes a bit of time but at least your luggage is waiting...
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    Random Stuff!

    Following Blues achievement in getting an away match at St Andrews next week it seems as they are the visitors to their own stadium it transpires they can claim travel expenses (petrol money) from the F.A. you couldn't really make up Anyway as its Saturday I'm off to the pub for a swift pint.
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    Some absolutely spot on comments re APD its just a revenue raising tax pure and simple, they all are.
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    Flybe/Virgin Connect

    They sold the hanger in November 2018 for £5 million and leased it back at £500,000 plus per anum. They also sold off Gatwick slots around the same time all part of trying to stay afloat before the eventual distress sale to Virgin. I would imagine they have very little in terms of assets left.
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    Random Stuff!

    The comedy show that is my football club the one and only Birmingham City continues. It now emerges that they have again been charged by the EFL with failing to comply with the enforced financial plan following last seasons nine points deduction and if found guilty face a further points...
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    Random Stuff!

    Blues are drawn away in the F.A. Cup 4th round to either Coventry City or Bristol Rovers so if it ends up being Coventry Blues will be away at their own home ground? You can always rely on them to be different.
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    Flying from Brum? Tell us where you're going

    Good spot.
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