1. Severn

    Which flights have you taken?

    I always find it interesting to see how and where members have travelled over the course of a year (from an aviation point of view - Airlines, Aircraft Types, Airports etc). I've seen on various airport specific threads that members have been posting which flights they've used over the course...
  2. C

    Top 5 Duty Free Airports in the World

    Here is a list of top 5 Duty Free Airports in the World 1: Seoul Incheon International Airport 2: Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport 3: Hong Kong International 4: London’s Heathrow Airport 5: Dubai International Airport for the info visit:
  3. Aviador

    Infinite Flight Simulator Community Forum

    Hi guys and gals out there. Do we have any forum members who participate on Infinite Flight? I'm trying to establish if we have any Forums4airports users who use Infinite Flight Live so we can have a forum meet-up at an airport we choose on here? Those of you who are not familiar, Infinite...
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