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Hi guys and gals out there. Do we have any forum members who participate on Infinite Flight or other flight simulators?

If we have any Forums4airports users who use Infinite Flight Live we could potentially have a forum get-together at an airport we choose on here?

Those of you who are not familiar, Infinite Flight is available for both Android and Apple devices. Charges apply for aircraft types, regions and to use Infinite Flight Live.

Example Infinite Flight:
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Still no takers on a forum get together at an airport near you?

I had a dabble at Gatwick last night but the "real time" weather made it rather difficult with Cat 1 ILS only! I had to divert to LHR in the end.
Lovin the new Infanite Flight update with the A320 series added. The latest update will allow you to do an autoland too which is handy during LVPs.

Anyone fancy joining me on Infanite Flight Live at BHX? I'll be manning the tower frequency. (Well, trying to!)
Anyone out there who uses or has used Infinite Flight will be please to know the latest update includes the new runway extension at BHX!

The only annoying thing about the app for me is it doesn't include airport further north than East Midlands. It would really make it if the developers included Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen especially.
I know there are other flight sim software programmes but infinite flight is the only one that's half decent on a mobile device. THe video perhaps doesn't do it any justice.
Aviador, your misery is over. I do use infinite flight! But...I don't have live! It is great - I wish they had MAN/LBA/LPL too.
I read something recently saying Infinite Flight was going to allow global flights soon. It would be great if that's the case.

I have to admit, I've been using X-Plane 10 recently which is soon to be updated to X- Plane 11. The graphics are so much better and they offer some fail scenarios along with some realistic weather and cloud. Runway lighting is far more realistic too. I think the only thing that let's it down for me is the usability. It can be difficult to keep aligned on the runway where as on Infinite Flight it seems more stable. X-Plane 10 also lacks a decent choice of regions. #InfiniteFlight #xplane10
Infinite Flight goes global
The latest upgrade allows users to fly to all their favourite airport destinations around the world using mobile Android or Apple device. The previous set-up only had regions available with limited scope for extended flying. The latest version allows detailed flight planning. As with the old premium version, real-time weather is available so things like wind direction and speed are all as realistic as possible. The new global version comes at a cost as it requires monthly or annual subscription. I tried the new global simulator to test it out. I planned a flight from NQY to LBA. I taxied the Boeing 757 aircraft from stand to runway 12 for take-off from Newquay flying out over the sea before heading direct to LBA as I decided to keep it simple. The graphics were acceptable and smooth but not outstanding. I was still impressed with the way the aircraft reacted to movement of my Android device. I carried out a steep climb out of NQY to 25,000ft before making a gradual decent into Leeds runway 14. The approach into LBA was good with all the usual scenery enjoyed by the locals. Turning on the LBA turning D was tricky but manageable, taxied to stand 8 parking on the airbridge. Overall I was impressed with how Infinite Flight worked for an app designed mainly for mobile users. There are still no 3D graphics for airport buildings or surrounding airport buildings featured in the latest update which was a little disappointing but the developers are promising additional features soon. Also the night-time runway lighting is a little on the dim side and there no taxiway or approach lights, again something that would make the app so much better. Is it worth the upgrade? It comes at a cost of over £10 per month, so it's pricey. Is it worth it? Probably not but the average avgeek will almost definitely pay it!

#avgeek #infiniteflight #flightsimulator #landingrunway14
I use it and have done for a few years - sorry I didn't notice this thread before. Have been back on it a bit since global is on and I think it is excellent. Have only done short flights so far, I think I would be bored to tears doing a 8 hour flight across the atlantic! Also you can copy and paste routes in from whatever flight planner you use as well - not all waypoints and VORs are in yet but that will improve over time.

The main disadvantage is not being able to play offline anymore but I guess that is understandable. I have heard they are looking at the possibility of doing some caching scenery to allow offline playing but that is some time off if it happens.

In terms of night time flying apparently all the runway and taxi lights are in the game but the feature is not turned on yet so that will come soon.

I definitely think it is worth the money.
Yeah I get what you say about doing a long flight but the global version has allowed us to be able to use our favourite airports. The previous London region didn't include Manchester, Leeds or Liverpool for example. Being able to hop between the Canary Islands and up to Funchal is do-able without the boredom of a long flight setting in. The live weather isn't working for me. I don't know if that's just me or it it's everyone.

If w can drum up some interest we could have a forums4airports meet-up at a chosen airport at some point. #infiniteflight
Infinite Flight will shortly be introducing the MD11 to their aircraft options. They've just released this teaser video.

Ever since global launched I really enjoy IF even more now. Considering this is an app, the scenery and functionality is really excellent.

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