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  1. Aviador

    Why do I get the feeling we're going to have them dumped into LBA instead of some shiny new airbus equipment? #Jet2
  2. lbaspotter

    ...this as it looks like somebody has been telling or been told porkies But after due considerations and taking a good close look at the current Jet2's summer 2024 schedule it looks like the remaining 7x Boeing 737-300's are all staying in service . Most days require at least 14 based aircraft...
  3. lbaspotter

    Its surely got to be Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco , Cape Verde next on Jet2 hit list? Where else is the in the Mediterranean? Have heard an undisclosed UK based operator is looking for hotels & beds in the Carribbean. I wonder if Long haul is finally on the cards as one of the Leased Air Tanker...
  4. lbaspotter

    I suspect the is a very good reason why Boeing 757-200 G-LSAO (ex Titan G-ZAPX) was flown from Stansted to Kemble on Tuesday. It's where planes normally go to either long term storage or die to be made into tin cans #Jet2 #TitanAirways #Kemble
  5. lbaspotter

    Reports elsewhere Jet2 have bought 22 year old Boeing 757-200, G-ZAPX from Titan Airways, I understand it maybe parted out and used for spare parts even though she'll be youngest Boeing 757 in the fleet. #Jet2 #Manchester #TitanAirways #Boeing757
  6. Aviador

    Weather & Technical Diversions, Delays & Cancellations

    We always assume delays and diversions are associated with our local airport but they do happen overseas too. #EasyJet #Jet2 and #TUI flights from #Manchester, #LeedsBradford, and #Luton all #diverted from landing at #TFS to Fuerteventura, where they stayed until it had died down enough for...
  7. CM.

    Weather & Technical Diversions, Delays & Cancellations

    It’s down as a fuel stop happy to be corrected if not. bearing in mind it did take a longer routing than normal I presume due to French ATC strikes.#EastMidlands #Jet2 #FrenchATC
  8. Aviador

    I was there on that very first morning and watched the first passenger board the first ever flight to #Amsterdam #Jet2
  9. White Heather

    Congrats to #Jet2, but it was 2003, not 2002.
  10. lbaspotter

    On this day 20 years ago, February 12th 2003 the very first Jet2 Boeing 737-300 departed Leeds/Bradford at 07:00 as LS201 to Amsterdam Happy 20th Birthday to Yorkshire's own successful and still growing based airline #Jet2 #Birthday #Leeds #Amsterdam #LS201 #Boeing737300
  11. AirBingley

    Look North have just run a feature on the 20th anniversary of the first #Jet2 flight from LBA! There was an interview with the Chief Exec and mention of the new Neon - presumably it will be on later too!
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