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    With the seat selector is not a true figure,but it gives a sort of idea what the loads are like. Nice to see more deps on the airport boards,its been a long time that airline routes have been offered for operation.
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    Movements, Logs & Heads Up

    The aer lingus diverted into BHX due medical emergency. There iis confusion weather it carried onto Exeter or returned to BHD,with pax going to Exeter on a coach.
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    Random Stuff!

    Bus services in and around the city of Bristol are being ramped up today with extra buses laid on and also extra seats are being offered on buses. Another step for things getting back to some where near normal as much as it can.
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    Random Stuff!!

    the Welsh first minister on tv this morning has advised Welsh people not to holiday abroad this year,but to holiday in Wales.He did say airports open will be MAN,BHX and BRS so fly from one of these if you want to holiday abroad. With what he said tells me he has not got much faith in CWL
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    Random Stuff!!

    Mark drakeford has been confirmed as Wales FM in the seneed.
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    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    There is signs up at te rear entrance saying no vehicles to use the entrance only emergency. Any one else will be fined.
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    Road, Rail & Access Issues

    From sunday the 16th of may the A1 flyer will recommence the service. It will be running at its normal frequency. Good news as its another thing opening up from lockdown.
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    Looks like Easyjet being very carefull what they run. I think not very far into the future the green list will be expanded. Perhaps Easyjet waiting for the green list update.
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    Airport Master Plan for next 30 Years - Consultation

    Marvin rees got re elected as Bristol mayor. Im still trying to work out how he has a say about airport expansion,does his comments have any bearing about airport expansion. We all have the right to complain or abject about things and some times they are heard and other times not.
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    TUI Airways

    TUI has never operated FNC from BRS. The only airline that operated FNC for a few years was Air 2000. They dropped it and Easyjet took it on from memory.
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    TUI Airways

    Suprised they have not announced FNC to operate 2x weekly as they have done at other TUI bases,but Faro is good.
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    Route Development

    In a forum there was talk back of qatar not doing CWL any more. I dont know if this is right or not,time will tell.
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    Movements, Logs & Head Up

    Its good to see more airline services. Airports have suffered for well over a 12 month period. The green countries due to be announced next week will e kind to airports.
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    Stobart Air adds two new routes from Cardiff to Dublin and Belfast

    Nice to see these 2 routes restarted from CWL. Hope they do well,and it was only a matter of time these routes were restarted.
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    Road, Rail & Access Issues

    Well it goes to show we not seeing the same coach. Long may the service continue.
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