1. Aviador

    Valencia (VLC - LEVC)

    These passengers had a rather nasty experience when their British Airways aircraft had to do an emergency landing at Valencia after the aircraft cabin filled with smoke. The aircraft was G-MEDN on a flight from London Heathrow to Valencia. @luciaabrown on Twitter Once again, passengers...
  2. Aviador

    Wellington (WLG)

    Originally mentioned by @Coathanger16 in the Bristol Airport Forum Wellington's weather is too mild today for tests to begin at the airport with one of the world's newest widebody planes. It's not unusual for Wellington's weather to be unco-operative, though the problem is usually too much...
  3. jfy1999

    Lanzarote (ACE)

    Lanzarote Airport has a new HD webcam. Looks ACE ;)
  4. Aviador

    Thomas Cook

    Thomas Cook announces Liverpool as a new departure airport for summer 2019 Thomas Cook announces Liverpool as a new departure airport for summer 2019 Thomas Cook has launched eight destinations for package customers looking to travel from Liverpool John Lennon Airport next summer. This will be...
  5. Aviador

    Wikipage Doncaster Airport

    Hi there, This page is a wikipage, the first thread of this page is editable. If anybody would like to create a Doncaster Airport page feel free to edit and amend this page as necessary. Here are some ideas but it's not limited to these as you may think of something different! Destinations...
  6. Aviador

    Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

    I thought it was time we had a thread for Singapore's Changi Airport to look at the latest terminal developments taking place there. They're going all out to make the terminal as green as possible, green in every sense with some striking renders which incorporate an amusement park. Singapore...
  7. Aviador

    Air Traffic & Navigational Aids

    Airport launches airspace consultation Doncaster Sheffield Airport launches airspace consultation A public consultation on proposed changes to the airspace around Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) has been launched today, Monday 25th September, which will outline potential changes to the...
  8. Aviador

    Eastern Airways

    Now Eastern Airways are partnering with Flybe does anybody think we will see more routes from Humberside Airport, the home of Eastern Airways?
  9. Aviador

    Mexico City (MEX)

    Mexico City International Airport has been closed because of a massive earthquake measuring 7.1 causing significant damage to buildings and infrastructure around the airport.
  10. Aviador

    Zurich Airport (ZRH)

    Key traffic figures Zurich Airport August, 2017 In August, 2'939'520 million passengers passed through Zurich Airport, corresponding to an increase of 4.9% compared to last year. Local passengers increased by 5.1% to 2'068'861 in August 2017. The transfer rate is at 29.5% in the month under...
  11. Aviador

    Miami (MIA)

    A dangerous situation is developing in Miami right now as hurricane Irma closes in on the Florida State. It's most definitely somewhere I'd not want to be right now. Here's an update on things so far. Man shot by police at Miami airport amid frenzied Irma evacuation Police shot and wounded a...
  12. Aviador

    Jet2 Leeds Thread.
  13. F

    Qatar Airways

    QR to announce Cardiff
  14. Aviador

    Sacramento International Airport (SMF)

    The Sacramento Bee is reporting Sacramento International Airport has said it is hopeful of attracting new international flights. Up until now the airport has been unable to attract services to destinations such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, London or Frankfurt because of the limited market...
  15. Aviador

    Louisville International Airport (SDF)

    A spring snow storm is causing disruption at Louisville International Airport with at least 12 flights cancelled according to the Courier-Journal. #snowclosed #Louisville #cancellations
  16. Aviador

    Berlin Tegel (TXL)

    Ground staff at Berlin Tegel airport are striking today in a dispute over pay. Passengers using the airport as advised to expect significant disruption today. #strike #berlin #groundhandling
  17. Aviador

    Berlin Schoenefeld (SXF)

    Ground staff are striking at Berlin Schoenefeld in a pay dispute. Passengers using the airport today are advised to expect significant delays. #groundhandling #berlin #strike
  18. News Guru

    New York LaGuardia (LGA) reports LaGuardia Airport is now the top of the list of U.S. airports with the worst on time arrivals. Patrick Handrigan
  19. Aviador

    John Wayne Airport (SNA)

    John Wayne Airport - Orange County D Ramey Logan - Wikipedia D Ramey Logan New footage has been released of the incident where Harrison Ford lands on a taxiway. Looking at the airport from overhead it's difficult to see how anyone could make such a mistake. Both runways are clearly marked...
  20. Aviador

    Billund Lufthavn (BLL)

    Billund International Airport
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