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Travel Review BRS - DUB 31-AUG-21

Heading to Dublin today and departed from BRS to DUB with Ryanair. Would have liked to try the Aer Lingus service but timings didn’t work out and we instead went for the 13:20 FR507 to Dublin.

A very easy journey to and through the airport and was pleased to see the airport busy with passengers and movements.

It took us 40 minutes from leaving home in the centre of Bristol to completing security including bag drop and documents check - we used a taxi to get to the airport. Very impressive and well organised. It was clear a lot of effort has been made to be eco-friendly with many initiatives for recycling, compostable materials being used at various stages etc.

Below are some (average) photos of my journey through the airport.

A busy looking departure board in the main terminal:

Jet2 dedicated check-in:

Ryanair dedicated check-in:

TUI dedicated check-in:

easyJet dedicated check-in:

Testing Centre just before security:
View attachment 24500
View attachment 24501

Entrance to Duty Free - just after security:
View attachment 24502

First third of Duty Free:
View attachment 24503

Part Two to follow
Part Two

Ground Floor of terminal - after security

View attachment 24504

Ground Floor of terminalView attachment 24505

Second Floor of terminal - showing the Eastern Apron:

Roof Terrace looking over the Eastern Apron:

First Floor - outside of Soho Coffee

Gate 27 - next to the terminal on the Eastern Apron. The Dublin based 737-800 on the left ready for boarding to Dublin. On the right is a Milan-BGY based B737-MAX200 of Malta Air (Ryanair) about to depart for Milan-BGY

Our Dublin flight was very nearly full, with only a few seats free

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My plans got altered slightly as one of the minibus companies had to cancel 3 trips and refunded me but will be getting nice discount when I rebook them.

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