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This evening, sees the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2022. I'm so proud that it's hosted by Birmingham, what I always think of as my home city. Live coverage of the opening ceremony will be shown on BBC1 starting at 19:00.

A list of the upcoming events can be found here -

Looking forward to all the sporting events to come.

Hopefully the Games will be a stunning success, The vibe around Manchester when we held in back in 2002 was immense with a lot of proper pride in the city and was one of the catalysts in propelling it onto a more global stage
Good Opening Ceremony What an Entrance by England Can we get that for The Euro Final On Sunday Queen We Will Rock You Builds up the hype. I hope all of you who don't know about Birmingham or the West Midlands see what a Wonderful area we are.
Thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremony, the stadium looked incredible on TV (y)

It was a journey through some of Birmingham's history, a real celebration of one of the most diverse city's in the world but also bold enough to recognise some of the darker parts of the past.

There were some poignant moments that were really quite moving, there were moments where we were all up dancing around the living room and there were moments where we were looking at each other thinking what the £$%& is going on here 😄 But that just sums up this great city of ours.

Malala's address was incredible, I'm not usually one for poetry but Casey Bailey was outstanding, massive respect to Tom Daley for making such a powerful statement and Tony Iommi with the Birmingham Royal Ballet? I never thought I'd see the day :)

It sometimes feels as if whatever Birmingham does it will never be good enough for certain sections of our media so it was nice to see nothing but huge praise as I flicked around the tellybox this morning. From what I've seen it appears that media outlets around the world are also reporting just how spectacular it was.

It's great to have the biggest, and hopefully the best, Commonwealth Games finally underway (y)

Bravo Birmingham, you didn't just nail smashed it totally out of the park 👏👏👏
Oh and a personal highlight for me....... having the Red Arrows fly over my back garden as they routed from Central Birmingham to BHX.

Always a sight to behold :)
And My Scart lead/TV died now so Now I can't watch the Cycling it was indeed brilliant and like I say what an Entrance From England We Will Rock You whole Stadium Rocking Along Clapping Along Whilst England Athletes just walked in like bosses like welcome to Birmingham this is our Party now.
Fixed it now happy days looking forward to see the Black Country Mentioned from the Swimming later, hopefully the West Brom Ground gets a mention being almost directly behind/in front of the Aquatics Centre by a distance granted
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There is an excellent guide to the venues being used for the Commonwealth Games 2022 here, along with the events that they will host -

The website also list all of the results, medals etc.

It was great to see such a huge turnout in and around Sutton Park today for the Triathlon and Para Triathlon, would loved to have been there.

I've heard been comments about the fabulous support in pretty much every event that I have watched which sure is great to see 👏

It's also good to hear that there were no serious injuries in the cycling accident earlier today.

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