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Feb 20, 2018
Time for a new report ref my latest trip through MAN.

Arrived on Saturday 24th September @13:00 in T2...very busy in check in area. I was early for the KLM check in so I went downstairs to the old arrivals area and waited near the Randox Covid testing centre until check in opened at 14:20.

Back upstairs to check in, plenty of staff on the Air France/KLM desks, only 10 mins in the queue and then through security in 10/15mins too, a big improvement on my last two visits to T2!
Into the T2 departures area by around 14:50, it was busy but not heaving like I experienced in May and July this year. Still every shop and bar/restaurant had some sort of queue, but we must put up with this until the old part of T2 is completely refurbished.
Flight wasn't until 17:20 so had plenty of time to kill, except nowhere to sit! I ended up walking to the Pier A gates and finding a quiet area there reading until my flight board at 17:10, with a departure of 17:45 due to the late arrival of the aircraft from Amsterdam.

I assumed many parents had taken their children out of school as there were many kids and families travelling, you could partly mistake it for the summer holidays!
Overall a positive experience. Here are my observations and questions:

* T2 looking much tidier and cleaner (except for the men's toilet at check in and who the hell decided 1 urinal would be enough!!). The security area flooring needs looking at, that type is always going to get dirty easily and scratched to death!
* Cleaners were present both in the check in area and at Pier A and were working in pairs, doing a great job!.
* Much more staff present, both in security and customer services. All very pleasant (but I still believe security staff customer service is hit & miss).
* I walked from the train station to T2 via the skylink and whilst I have no problem walking with a 20kg suitcase and a shoulder bag at my age (38) I'm sure it's no good for OAP's or people with disabilities. Why isn't there a shuttle bus operating between terminals and the station for this purpose! MAG manage to have a bus from the drop & go to the terminals (oh yes of course, the car parking would pay for that!).
* Jet2 looked to be struggling with lack of ground crew at times, many aircraft had to wait 15/20mins for stands to become available, the 2 Air Tanker A330's more so. I watched a Jet2 757 come onto stand with the safedock, but then was waiting on stand for the airbridge to be attached and other ground crew for around 10mins...but we know this is not unique to Jet2...TUI are still suffering the most!

Until the second phase of Pier 2 is complete and the legacy T2 refurb, then a lack of widebody stands will continue.

* Do we know the configuration of Pier 2 will be?
* When will the all of the new check in desks in T2 be open? This work has been on-going for a long time now, I remember last year 2 stands on T2 closing because the equipment for the new baggage system was being stored there!
* What is happening with the little bit of wasteland with hoarding around it next to the new T2 MSCP? Another new car park?
Any official opening dates for the 2 new hotels opposite T2?

That's it from me for now...I return to MAN Next Wednesday into T3 (first time this year) so will report back...wish me luck!
Happy flying everyone :)

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