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Jan 12, 2009
Posting guidance - Which thread....?

1. Over the last few weeks we have seen a number of posts turning up in the wrong threads. This is probably partly down to the fact that we have different forums and sometimes the topics can touch on different neighbouring airports, this can invariably lead to a thread going off-topic and people from neighbouring airports miss out on taking part in the discussion.

2. Here a a quick guide to posting if you are mentioning another airport in a thread, such as comparisons with operations from other airports that could lead to the thread going off topic must be placed in the board wide Airline Forum or Aerospace Industry Forum to enable members from the wider forum community to join in the discussion.

3. If you want to share something which is also relevant to another airport please copy your post into the other relevant forum too.

4. If your post is relevant to the whole forum community then it should only be posted in the wider forum. This is likely to be the Airline Forum or the Aerospace Industry Forum where there are threads for handling agents and other notable discussions. You should not need to post in every airport forum.

5. Remember these rules are to ensure that members of the wider forum community can benefit from your post and in turn it allows other areas of the forum to continue to grow.

We now have #Hashtags available and if will assist other members of the forum if you can add them to your post where necessary.

It's also worth noting that it is possible to quote from one thread into another (or one forum into another). To do this, click the '+MultiQuote' shown on the bottom of the post. Navigate to the relevant thread and at the bottom of the new message window you will see ' "Insert Quotes...' click on this and then ' "Quote Messages'. You can then post your reply to the quote that has been created. You can even Multiquote from several posts.
This will help the forum by keeping it tidy and making it easier for Staff members to maintain the forum.

Thanks to Ashley.S (Site Maintenance), for explaining to me how to do this.
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Simplified way of deciding where to post examples....

Discussing something happening at Edinburgh airport such as a new route
Post in the relevant thread in the Edinburgh forum
Discussing something happening at Edinburgh airport that has implications on Glasgow airport
Post in the relevant threads in the Edinburgh and Glasgow forums
Discussing something that affects Edinburgh airport that has implications at multiple airports
If the subject is an airline then post in the main Airline forum
If the subject is relating to a manufacturer; handling company; aviation body such as IATA then you should post in the Aerospace Industry forum
Posts regarding recent trips to foreign countries detailing multiple airport stops should go in the Passenger forums where you may create a new thread if necessary..
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