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Dec 11, 2018
Have just arrived in Lanzarote courtesy of Jet2. My opinion so far?

Fantastic airline, they left bang on time at 3.25 and landed 20 minutes ahead of schedule, 10/10 for punctuality. The check-in staff and cabin crew seem to really love their job and greeted us with a genuine smile when we encountered them. I kind of wish they toned it down a little with the automated announcements, but I'm just nitpicking really. The food service was done on time and the flight was pretty relaxed.

The aircraft was 19 years old (G-JZHH) but it looked quite new to me with comfortable seats and generous legroom.

To echo many others opinions, I definitely recommend flying on Jet2, in many areas, they give other airlines a run for their money especially regarding customer service and with the amount of legroom.

Pics coming soon.

Ray Finkle

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Apr 22, 2012

Is this your 3rd or even 4th holiday this year Mr F ?
2 nights in Amsterdam, although that was for a friends Birthday
4 nights in St Minver at Easter
A week in Gran Canaria in May
Weekend in N Ireland in July
2 weeks in Lanzarote in August
A week in Newquay booked for October

Apart from red wine holidays are my only vice, I love to travel :)

Next year will be different however as my time needs to be devoted to some much needed house improvements :(

Same here!
We're staying near to the beach, so I get to see planes landing from the apartment. Perfect for a plane lover like me:giggle:
I'll give you a wave as we approach :)


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Aug 26, 2014
We've booked another fly cruise today back to Malta in October to visit the other coast of Italy and Croatia including Venice and Dubrovnik.
The flight suppliments were interesting Manchester £0, Birmingham £50, Gatwick £100 and East Mids a whopping £150 each and given the whole cruise is under a £1000 including flights another £150 is a bit over the top.Theflights will either be with Thomas Cook (Avion Express?) or TUI we dont find out until nearer departure date.

Also looking to book Gran Canaria for next spring probably Jet2 but waiting to see what Ryanair are doing first as at times they have ridiculously low fares £69 return recently for winter was available
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