Cotswold Airport: German Science TV Show Seeking 100 Volunteers


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Mar 13, 2018
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Ever feelt like getting off a plane is taking much longer than it should? If so, you aren't alone!

Join us in our goal of improving the lives of airline passengers by testing the most effective ways of exiting a plane!
In a big deboarding experiment, we would like to find out which is the best way to leave a plane.

We will film inside a real aircraft body and try a variety of deboarding methods to determine which procedure is the quickest.

And each method of deboarding will also be evaluated by you!

⏰Date: March 23rd 9am – 6pm
Place: Cotswold Airport, Cirencester / Tetbury Road entrance

In order to sign up for the event, please send an email to

We would like to make the experiment as realisitc as possible, so please bring your own hand luggage. ️

We are not able to offer any financial compensation.
We provide a heated marquee, catering and an unique experience!

The production is a 15 min documentary for Galileo, a daily prime time show that is to be seen in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

If there are any questions, you can reach us via email or at 0049 89 255 44 80 36

Thank you so much &
Welcome on board!



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Aug 26, 2014
Parachute !!!
Sorry it's my sense of humor, but actually if ground handling could have the steps and or the air bridge ready and manned it would make a real difference as in my experience it's one of the two main reasons for delay the other being fellow passengers taking the kitchen sink with them.
Of course it's not just disembarking but customs and baggage claim also are part of the whole picture as it's when you exit the airport that counts. Then there is the local transport inferstucture it's a never ending once you start.

Best wishes for your project any improvements will be welcome.


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