KLM increases seat capacity on Leeds Bradford – Amsterdam route for summer 2020


KLM increases seat capacity on Leeds Bradford – Amsterdam route for summer 2020
  • KLM has increased seat capacity on its Leeds-Amsterdam flights with a daily upgrade to a Boeing 737-700 aircraft .

  • Up to 128,500 seats will be available between Leeds and Amsterdam during the summer season.

KLM has announced that it will increase seat capacity on its Amsterdam route from Leeds Bradford Airport. The increase will see a KLM mainline 737-700 operating on the midmorning rotation from March 28th 2020. Currently, KLM operates 3 flights a day between Leeds Bradford Airport and Amsterdam Schiphol, providing a valuable link between the region and the capital city of the Netherlands.

The popular route is well established with Dutch flag carrier having operated from the Yorkshire airport for over 30 years. The additional seat capacity will result in almost 6% year on year growth, and has been introduced to meet the growing demand on the route. It will create new opportunities for customers to visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam for a short break or take advantage of quick and convenient connections to 165 KLM destinations worldwide, via its award winning hub at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Benedicte Duval, General Manager for Air France-KLM in the UK & Ireland, said:

“As a result of positive commercial performance and strong passenger numbers, we are delighted to be in a position to introduce a larger aircraft, a mainline KLM B737, on our Leeds Bradford to Amsterdam route, increasing capacity by 7000 seats for the summer season.” “This 6% capacity increase will provide both business and leisure passengers from the Yorkshire area with greater opportunity to take advantage of seamless connections to KLM’s worldwide network via Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.”

Commenting on the additional capacity, John Cunliffe, Aviation & Commercial Director at Leeds Bradford Airport, said:

“We are delighted to welcome the additional capacity investment into LBA by KLM. Having recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, KLM is our longest serving airline partner, having operated at the airport for over 30 years” “The investment of additional capacity by KLM serves to reconfirm the economic significance of the Leeds City Region, the largest economy in the UK outside of London. At Leeds Bradford Airport, we are able to access 165 worldwide KLM destinations via Amsterdam and I am delighted to be working with KLM to support the development both of Leeds Bradford and the wider region” The flights due to be operated by the KLM mainline 737-700

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As a route that is used at least once a month by a family member, any increase on the route in any shape or form is to be welcomed.
The saying "look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves", insert seats and planes comes to mind.
So we were advised in good faith that an LBA director had phoned up to convey news of forthcoming 'massive news' and that led to widespread hysteria about Easyjet coming and other great events for LBA. Now we have this news and the widespread hysteria has gone the other way and everyone assuming that this is the 'massive news' and a huge let-down. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but if we don't cut Bobby Ham some slack here it won't exactly encourage anyone to post their news, rumours etc, whether good, bad or indifferent. It wasn't Bobby that mentioned Easyjet or any of the other possibilities.

As for KLM Mainline introducing this 737 operation, I do know that LBA management have been trying to get an increase in capacity and possibly the 737 from Mainline for several years, without success, due to lack of aircraft availability combined with lack of slots at AMS, so finally securing something like this is actually pretty good news for the airport. Considering that we have also seen a decent increase in flights for next year with our resident Jet2, bringing back some of the passengers we had in the past lost over the Pennines to Thomas Cook, we seem to be doing OK to once again cover the loss of seats caused by the withdrawal of one based Ryanair aircraft.
Over the last month we have seen jet2 add a good amount of extra flights for next summer, aer lingus start their 3rd daily Dublin flight and klm upgrade to the 737. fairly decent increase so far.
Can only be good news and for me this is arguably the airports most important connection.

However due to limited capacity prices are sometimes excessive vs Manc so hopefully this will go some way to fix that.

Does anyone know if the larger plane will be able to Dock at an airbridge or still rely on a bus at AMS?
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