LBA Support Group Response To Leeds Planning Recommendation

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LBA Support Group Response To Leeds Planning Recommendation

We're really pleased Leeds City Council Planning Officers are recommending approval for the airports new replacement terminal building. The current terminal is totally inadequate and cannot meet today's standards.

The plans submitted offer a sustainable replacement terminal building that isn't any larger than what has already been approved. The new terminal building will be environmentally sound from a building perspective.

We also agree with section 106 recommendations for the implementation of improved public transport to the airport. The airport plans incorporate a new bus terminus and access to the rail parkway, both will offer extensive public transport access.

If changes are needed to meet new climate targets, these should be implemented by national government not by local councils to ensure a level playing field with airports in neighbouring regions.

At a time when our region needs investment the most, it is vital for job creation and to ensure those furloughed have a job to go back to. We really hope the planning panel see sense and pass the plans to protect Leeds jobs.


Leeds Bradford Airport Support Group Press Release

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