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Jan 12, 2009
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Forum Wide Rules Using Forums4airports
If you've just jointed Forums4airports, it's probably a good idea to read through this thread before making your first post. Separate from the sites Terms of Service & Rules , here are some general rules and guidance for using our forums.

1.0 Links to other aviation social media sites

We no longer allow links of any kind to other aviation forums or discussion groups. This includes but is not limited to Google and Social Media Groups. We regret that we have had to take this step but these kind of large communities do not need promoting and they only serve to dilute user content on sites such as this. User who fail to adhere to this rule risk having their account suspended.

Forums4airports will continue to assist and support aviation related Blogs that offer return back links to this site. Web developers of those sites should contact us for more details.

2.0 Objectionable Posts, Slanderous, Liable

Forums4airports is a friendly forum. We strongly advise users against posting material that could cause offence or even lead to court proceedings. You must be prepared to be held accountable for your posts. We are not here to provide a smoke screen for users wishing to use the forum as a means of spreading vociferous unsubstantiated rumours.

If you wish to report abuse please forward your complaint to us at Please give full details of your complaint with a url address. We will endeavour to remove any reported materiel within 24 hours.

4.0 Using our signature facility

You may use your Signature facility in your User Control Panel to add a link to another site to appear on all your posts. We reserve the right to delete your signature if we think it is unsuitable for

5.0 Racist, Sexist, Homophobic or Other

Please help us to keep Forums4airports a pleasant place for people to discuss aviation topics....

Any posts containing Spam, Racist, Sexist, Homophobic remarks will be deleted and the culprits will be banned from using the site so don't do it.

6.0 Swear Words, Bad Manors, Personal Insinuations and Angry Posts

Please help us to keep Forums4airports a pleasant place for people to discuss aviation topics....

As the forum administrator, it is my job to encourage new users to join the forum and to encourage discussions on all levels within the forum rules. Forums4airports is designed in a way that encourages different people from around the UK, Europe and beyond to come together with opposing opinions about airports and aviation topics.

If you feel that a thread is going nowhere and you do not agree with what somebody else has posted, the best thing to do is simply not to respond. This is the best way to stop potential arguments which reduce the viewing pleasure for other users of the forum. If however you feel one of the forum rules has been broken you should flag the offending post so the post author can be dealt with privately.

Although we aren't strict with our censoring, we do request that people don't use bad language as a norm and where it is used it must not be aimed at other users of the forum or at individuals in general. Any posts whereby a user feels the author has caused insult, or comes across as bad mannered towards other users, the said post(s) should be flagged so the post author can be dealt with privately.
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