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Jan 12, 2009
As 'Bigman' has already mentioned on the main LBA thread, Ryanair have cut the afternoon service to Dublin as part of larger cutbacks in Ireland involving 4 aircraft in Dublin and 2 aircraft in Shannon. The latter was announced last week.
when is ryanair gunna announce this leeds expansion or was tht jus another well spread rumour ?
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True there is competition between airports but we could also say, where would Ryanair rather be as well?
Well, with Ryanair axing DSA and MME to Dublin and reducing NCL-DUB to 9 weekly maybe this is the big roll up to FR announcing their Northern base as LBA?!

If not surely this would warrant LBA-DUB going back up to 3 daily as there will suddenly be a larger catchment for LBA-DUB?
Bad news for DSA .. do they have many more routes left ? it seems all doom and gloom for the airport.

i dont know about expanding more like closing, i might be jumping the gun a bit but will the airport be there in a couple of years time ??
Do we really want Ryanair given the stunts they keep pulling. What if you don't have a computer by the end of the year and cannot check in on line? £1 to take a leak!!!!!

I don't think it would be a big loss if they didn't come in. Alicante is already well served by Jet2, as is Barcelona. Maybe now would be a good time for Jet2 to get on the Dublin route, from both LBA and NCL.
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Ryanair commits to area

Budget airline Ryanair has committed itself to Leeds-Bradford International Airport after it announced a three per cent increase in business in 2008.

The company’s UK marketing manager John Booty was at the Yeadon airport yesterday to review the performance of the airline’s three routes.

He said: “Last year, we managed to grow the business by three per cent here at Leeds – that’s more than 250,000 passengers to destinations like Alicante, Dublin and Girona.

“We are obviously already planning for 2009, based around those three routes.”

Mr Booty also criticised the Government’s departure tax, which he believed would affect tourism in the country.

He said: “The Government believe it can grow out of recession by taxing tourism, but it can’t. All they are going to do is put people off.

“Ryanair, along with others, is asking Gordon Brown to see sense and remove this tax because it is doing more harm than good.”

Mr Booty said an increase in business at the airport created extra jobs and helped the economy of the region.

He said: “We are talking about new possibilities for the region and in 2009 Ryanair is looking to expand its business as normal – we want the people of Yorkshire to get away from the doom and gloom, but more importantly we want to generate tourism in the area and generate as many jobs as possible.

“We sell the cities as weekend destinations – we sell the destinations for shopping, for sport, for walking, and that is what we are doing.”

Mr Booty said the Alicante and Barcelona Girona route only came into service in October, which meant the majority of the three per cent rise came from the Dublin route.

In February it was announced bmi mainline was to cease operating the four-times-a-day Heathrow service from this month. Mr Booty said he was unable to say whether Ryanair would take on the service.

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Oh dear! The last time Ryanair committed itself to airports in the region it followed up by cancelling flights from Doncaster and Durham Tees Valley.

At least the Dublin has started to pick up now. The airlines Dublin service is actually carrying more passengers now on it's two flights-a-day service than it was when it operated three-a-day. The Girona and Alicante seem to be doing well too so I'm sure we'll be seeing more from Ryanair soon. Whether that's a good thing or not remains to be seen with their recent antics of forced 100% check-in online and the possibility of having to pay to use the on board toilets.
Aviador. Can you workout the average load for February when compared to 2008. The reason I ask is that the passenger total has dropped from 18511 in 2008 down to 12297 in 2009, ie 33% down. I think the drop in flights is about the same.

There is a rumour going around on another forum that ryanair are to announce shortly that they are to commence in July 2009 a new route from Leeds/Bradford to Milan Bergamo, This would be competing against the exsisting Jet2.com service. It also states that flights would be operated by a BGY Based aircarft.

So this is knothing to do with the on going rumour that ryanair where/are looking at setting up a base sometime in the future at LBA

Has anyone else heard anything else about this???
I haven't come across this particular rumour before but I wouldn't rule it out completely. Ryanair are opening new bases in Italy and each new base will have it's own route network. It depends on how high in the pecking order LBA is.
It may be without foundation but I read on another forum earlier this week that Jet2 have withdrawn Milan for sale next winter, having just reintroduced it again as an all year route, and it is back to being a summer route only. I have not been on the web site to check this, but if it is true, there could be a connection with this rumour. I cannot see that the route would sustain both operators if Ryanair did ever operate it.

Empire, you say there is no truth in the rumour, which sounds pretty definite. If that is a 'definite' are you able to say how you know this?
It may be that the information has come via the Dried Plum where a poster said he/she had read in a newspaper that Ryanair was going to increase frequencies to a number of airports from Bergamo, including LBA.

Someone else then said FR don't fly to LBA from BGY.

The next post said that some routes were new and some were increased rotations, the inference being LBA would be one of the new ones.

Now today a poster has said the other routes (some new and some increased rotations) originally reported in the paper were correct except LBA which was a mistake.

I think that was roughly it.

30-40 or is it deuce? Phew!!
Well folks, not a good day. BMi to pull 2 out of 3 based aircraft, the Planning Meeting to consider the terminal development being cancelled, and now, it is in the Bradford Telegraph and Argus that Ryanair have confirmed they will NOT be opening a base at LBA or increasing their operations signficantly due to high landing chargs and high taxes (thank you Government!). Instead they are to focus on new bases in Europe.

The only crumb of comfort is they did state that demand for their 3 routes from LBA was good and they hoped to increase their passenger numbers from around 260K to 300K per year.

Lets hope for something better from Flybe or Thomson Airlines!
Yeah, and that's only due to them canning the DUB-MME and DUB-DSA services, and we will no doubt pick up the slack.

"Dark and difficult times lie ahead" to quote a well known fictional headmaster.
Any more on the BGY route with Ryanair. I would love to see more Ryanairs on the deck, even if not basing, just to add more routes.
Agree with your sentiments 'Type Rated B767'

I would love to see the airline doing more routes from the Leeds but do you think it would be a good move when Jet2 already operate on the route?
Aviador said:
Agree with your sentiments 'Type Rated B767'

I would love to see the airline doing more routes from the Leeds but do you think it would be a good move when Jet2 already operate on the route?

Well...rumour has it they may be dropping the route. If so that would leave a gap. If not... a little competition wouldnt do anyone any harm...would it? I dont think jet2 would be that bothered as they overrun LBA anyway.
In that case i hope they do. FR did say they do not want to base here because of landing charges being too high...shame really that the airport cannot come to some "arrangment" with FR as their business would boost pax numbers and status of LBA to some extent. Their new(ish) ALC and GRO routes have been doing well, so i would expect that of a BGY route to follow suit.

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