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What are you listening to now? MKII

Kevin Farnell

Platinum Member
May 21, 2013
Looking to purchase something by Canadian band Rush.

Anyone got any suggestions as to their best (sic) album?
Where to Start?
I'm a great fan of Rush. I've been listening to them for the best part of 40 years and seen them 7 times in concert. Their most iconic album must be '2112'. This is very much a '70's concept album i.e. the whole album is written around a single theme.
Through the decades, their music has progressed from classic rock in the '70's, then adopting a more synth based sound through the '80's before returning to their classic rock roots in recent years.
Some of my favourites are -

Moving Pictures
Grace Under Pressure
Hold Your Fire
Vapor Trails
And I particularly like the more recent Clockwork Angels.

Any of their live albums are very good, with 'A Show of Hands' being largely recorded at the NEC Birmingham - I was there!

The odd album out is 'Feedback', in as much as non of the music is by Rush. It's all the songs that influenced them as teenagers, which they recorded in 2004 to mark their 30th aniversary. Well worth a listen.

A full discography can be found at -


Whatever you choose, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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