The King of Spain officially opens Murcia Covera Airport


The King of Spain attended the official opening of Murcia Covera airport today arriving by air. The first two scheduled flights to arrive at the airport were from East Midlands and Bristol Airports in the UK.

Once fully operational the airport will be able to accommodate 140 landings and take-offs throughout the day.

Initial forecasts suggest the new airport may exceed 8,600 flights and reach 1.2 million passengers, during the first year equalling the figure achieved by San Javier. The new airport at Corvera has capacity for five million passengers however the airport has been designed so it can easily be expanded if necessary.

The airport operator Aena made the transfer to Covera from San Javier during the night with a transfer of the equipment formally in use at the San Javier airport.

The new airport will initially offer flights to twelve destinations in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Belgium. This will increase to twenty from March.

Norwegian has announced four destinations for the season that begins at the end of March, so it will be one of the most active companies in Corvera, along with Ryanair.

From spring Corvera will debut the connection with Oviedo announced by the company Volatea, founded by the Murcian Carlos Muñoz.

The Minister for Development said that Aena was currently in talks with airlines to establish flights to Madrid and Barcelona.
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