Are we mad/crazy?


Scottie Dog

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Sep 7, 2016
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I know that Mrs Scottie Dog thinks that I should be classified under one of the titles above as she can not understand how I can, or even want to, spend time each and every night updating spreadsheets, for statistics, and aviation threads.

So my question is simple - what does your other-half think of your passion for the hobby that we share?


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Jan 14, 2009
Wurzel Country
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My situation is pretty much like BlueManc. I've never been a spotter and have never collected registrations; my interest lies more in the commercial/economic side of aviation although I do enjoy seeing aircraft in their natural environment. I have a broad idea of the principles of flight but seeing large aircraft in the air, particularly landing or taking off, still makes me want to take a lingering look.

My wife is very accommodating. She knows I hate watching tv (she's not a massive fan herself) and I have a sort of office with my iMac desk top, my large collection of books and a telly for watching live football or rugby (with cricket my only real tv interest) out of the corner of my eye when I'm 'on the computer'.

Having crossed the watershed this year to being nearer 80 than 70 I'm a bit obsessive about trying to keep fit in mind and body. If anything, my wife gets irked more with my fitness regime. These days it consists mainly of walking, and my obsession means I have to walk at least the equivalent of four marathons every month of every year and I've done this for many years. It means that some days I'm walking up to 15 miles as I can't justify doing long walks every day. Mrs Yokel would become peed off with that. Today for example I've done an easy four miles in an hour (4 mph is my average walking speed) so Mrs Y barely notices that I'm out when I'm doing that.

We also have a very large allotment, or rather she does as she's the gardener and I'm the labourer. We/she have had it for over 40 years and it's a big area to dig. I do most of it so that helps with my fitness too. If I don't exercise I put on weight and I like to eat - generously.

After nearly 55 years of being wed I think Mrs Y has become used to my eccentricities by now. We met when we were both 18.


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Jan 12, 2009
Mrs Aviador just rolls her eyes at me but shes usually hogging Facebook Groups or playing some word game anyway.

There are far worse thing we "could" be involved in.


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Jun 1, 2016
what does your other-half think of your passion for the hobby that we share?
She just calls me a dork! Lol. She doesn't understand why i'm into aviation but as such but does understand that people have hobbies and interests that can be different from each other.

Ray Finkle

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Apr 22, 2012
I do get a " look" when I take " another " plane photo !!!!
Keeps me out of trouble ; - )
:LOL: me too.

When walking anywhere in the vicinity of the airport Mrs F is perfectly happy as long as we keep moving, even the merest suggestion of stopping for a while is usually met with a roll of the eyes, unless we have a picnic that is. If I'm aiming to spend any sort of time watching or taking pictures I go alone.

As for spreadsheets, I just haven't got the patience.
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