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Jan 31, 2016
Unconfirmed but interesting news if correct - there should be 2 new bus routes to the Viewing Park. Both run by Hulleys of Baslow

X57 which is the Sheffiled-Snake Pass-Glossop-Manchester-Manchester Airport (currently running)
X1 which is a new service Viewing Park-Manchester Airport-Macclesfield-Leek-Ashbourne

They are not allowed to pick up "local" passengers between Glossop and the Airport but I do wish TFGM would let them as they stop only 4 or 5 times between Manchester and the Airport.

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Sep 7, 2016

MAG reaction to international travel update​

MAG CEO Charlie Cornish said: “We welcome the movement of more countries to the green and amber lists, in what is effectively the final review of the traffic light lists before the end of the summer holidays.
“Together with the new freedoms for fully vaccinated travellers, these changes will enable more people to enjoy a holiday, or reconnect with friends and family, in a growing list of countries.
“It is encouraging to finally see decisions that reflect the data on the ground in these destinations and close the gap with the approach being taken in other countries.
“Despite these positive moves, it is hugely disappointing that the UK is still so far behind in reopening international travel and has not gone further to support recovery of the aviation sector.
“Government must now take this opportunity to develop a stable, sustainable and affordable system that gives people the confidence to book ahead through the winter and into next year.”

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Feb 20, 2018
I flew out of MAN to PMI on Wednesday, very surprised to see the flight only 40-50% full considering that Majorca is the most popular destination from MAN right now, but then with TUI, EZY & Jet2 also on the route, maybe it’s not totally surprising.
I am in Palma Nova which is relatively busy with Brits, Germans, French, Swiss, Dutch and Scandinavians. Brits certainly aren’t outnumbered! Just a shame we have the unnecessary testing in place compared to our EU neighbours!

Happy holidays everyone, wherever you maybe visiting this summer! :)

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Sep 7, 2016

UK travel system is holding back recovery, says MAG​

  • UK’s largest airport group calls for an end to expensive PCR tests
  • Government data shows it has failed on its promise to sequence tests for variants, while passengers spend millions
  • Despite a recent increase in traffic, MAG, which owns and operates East Midlands, London Stansted and Manchester airports had 81.4% fewer passengers in July this year compared to 2019
The UK’s traffic light system and travel restrictions mean the country’s aviation sector is recovering at just half the rate of the rest of Europe, according to MAG.
The UK’s largest airport group – which owns Manchester, London Stansted and East Midlands airport, today published passenger figures for July, which show that passenger levels were 81.4% down on July 2019, when the Group served 6.5 million passengers, compared to just 1.2 million in the same month this year.
MAG said that since the review of the traffic light system on 4th August – which saw more countries added to the green and amber lists – volumes have picked up slightly but remain significantly below pre-pandemic levels.
With just three weeks of the peak summer season remaining, it said the requirement for passengers to pay for PCR tests, even when fully vaccinated and returning from low-risk destinations, was “out of step” with the rest of Europe and holding back the recovery of UK airports and airlines.
MAG’s latest traffic figures come as data from Airports Council International – Europe (ACI EUROPE) has laid bare the extent to which the UK is falling behind the rest of the continent when it comes to the revival of international travel. Figures show that Europe’s airports have already recovered to around 59% of pre-pandemic levels, compared to just 28% in the UK.
The UK’s blanket requirement for PCR testing and pre-departure testing differs dramatically to the approach taken by most European countries, which are allowing fully vaccinated passengers to travel between low-risk destinations without having to take any tests.
The Government has said PCR testing is needed to enable genomic sequencing to take place to identify variants of concern, but the latest official data shows only around 5% are actually being sent for sequencing and brings into question the need for passengers to take these tests.
While the Government has asked the Competition and Markets Authority to look into the testing industry to see if there are ways to reduce prices, this data highlights the need to scrap the blanket requirement for PCR tests altogether for vaccinated travellers to make travel more affordable.
MAG CEO Charlie Cornish said: “While it is encouraging that more people are taking the opportunity to go on holiday or visit friends and family overseas, we are still yet to see a meaningful recovery in international travel.
“We won’t see a proper sustained recovery until the UK overhauls its costly and restrictive travel regime, which is out of step with the rest of Europe.
“UK passengers continue to be subjected to onerous and expensive PCR testing on the basis they will be sequenced to protect the UK from variants of concern, but it is clear this is not happening.
“Passengers - especially those who are fully vaccinated - will be right to question why they are forced to pay the extra cost for tests which are not being used in the way we were told they would be.
“Meanwhile, the recovery of our sector – which supports millions of jobs and billions of pounds in economic value – continues to lag significantly behind the rest of Europe as a result of excessive restrictions in place in the UK.
“We need a simple and sustainable system for travel, which people can understand and that is proportionate to the public health position here in the UK. The Government must act urgently to review the system and re-evaluate the need for expensive PCR tests.”


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Nov 21, 2017
I feel the need to redress the balance for the airport - admittedly it was 3am and the airport was just waking up but we did terminal one from drop off to pier C in 20 minutes. Check in and security was a breeze.

But by god for someone who’s not used terminal one since 1999 things have changed a bit airside!
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