When does the airport normally release the winter runway operating hours?
Don't think it will be much different to the summer 23 hours. I think movements are about 15% down still from pre covid?
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Dual Runway times from 1st November 2023 - 31st March 2024:

Monday to Friday
0630-1100 and 1600-2000


Does anyone happen to know when the w23 Start of Season ACL report will come out and also s24 initial coordination report?
I've not looked at the ACL website but from my email history, I see that W22 Start of Season was issued onn 10th October 2022 and S23 Initial Coordination Report was released on 2nd November 2022.

Hopefully you'll find the info you need very soon.
Stand 28 at Terminal 1 closed as apparently the floor collapsed prior to passengers boarding a flight…from what I’ve read on social media so can’t be 109% sure!

But it Pier C is being kept in the long term surly it would make sense to replace the airbridge’s given they must be live expired now! There’s only so much work you can do on them until they are completely knackered! Not to mention the obvious health & safety aspect!
Same could be said tor the legacy T2 airbridge’s!

Fat finger moments due to typing that message on my mobile!
But i can’t be 100% sure of that incident and I would expect the current airbridge’s to be almost if not completely life expired by now!

I also noticed last week whilst visiting MAN from the T1 car park is that stand 22 was also closed due to the snow clearing equipment stationed there.
So that’s 2 stands at T1 closed…I can only assume they have ran out of room for the equipment!
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The BHX forum has a couple of decent POLLS going on. Does nobody fancy a pop at opening something similar for Manchester?
Just been looking at flight radar of recent and noticed the delays have increased especially with long haul flights. Regularly seeing them going out with delays of over an hour. Would there be any reason for this, could it be staff levels or are there any other factors people are aware of.
I've not been keeping an eye on flight delays, but one reason that immediately springs to mind is ATC delays.

I'm sure somebody else will come back with a better explanation for you.
This is a quiet time of year, so I would not expect delays for ATC capacity reasons, although they would administer slots on behalf of airports where adverse weather conditions are in progress or forecast. Some airports on the continent (not long-haul from MAN, of course) are also experiencing issues with protesting farmers blocking approach roads with tractors. A number of Lufthansa flights are canceled today, almost certainly for this reason.

Since the arrival of new MD CW, MAN has placed great emphasis on tackling wait times at security. They have reported impressive results since launching their initiative. Obviously, one can't comment on day-to-day events, but up to the latest reported figures, there hasn't been an issue of this sort.

I'm not sure which flights have been attracting delays; I haven't monitored closely enough. Reasons could be one-offs, not sharing a common cause? The only other thing which springs to mind is the need for de-icing at this time of the year, though the last fortnight or so has been relatively mild.
Yeh I've been watching the figures and for security they are excellent, the flights I'm referring too are the Qatar Etihad, Gulf Air, Eygptair and Emirates. Those are the ones I've noticed to be heavily delayed continually, I more so notice it when watching lives streams with flight radar open at the same time. Etihad was 55 minutes late this morning and Qatar nearly a hour, and the Emirates was 50 minutes late.
I’ve taken two flights into MAN from both France and Belgium last week and we were late departing the airports in question due to (quote from the pilot) “ATC delays within and over France/Belgium”.

Ref long haul flights, sometimes I don’t think the airline gives a realistic turnaround time for aircraft like the 777 or A350.

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