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Jan 14, 2009
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'Illegally parked' car near Bristol Airport wrapped in cling film and egged

A car that was parked in a remote country lane near Bristol Airport has been wrapped in cling film and apparently partly covered with egg. A tyre has also been deflated and notes left on the car making clear the opinions of the perpetrator(s). It seems that someone or some people decided that it was left there by a person or persons flying from the airport and the 'treatment' is believed to be a sign of their displeasure.

Quite how they knew the car was abandoned by an airport user is not made clear. I would certainly not want to leave my car in such a remote location for a few hours let alone days or even weeks.

Unless the car was creating an unnecessary obstruction of the highway or was left in a dangerous position - from the pictures neither seems to apply - it's difficult to see how it was illegally parked. The only offence that might be committed is parking at night on a road without lights if this road is subject to a speed limit greater than 30 mph.

It's certainly annoying to local residents where people leave cars on nearby roads and then fly from the airport, but many people living in a town or city are likely to live somewhere where workers park their cars in local streets for the day.



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