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Jan 14, 2009
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They only came into BHX because the airport was so quiet and it was something different for them. The flights still happen if you check flightradar24, they're just going to different places.

You can only fly the same approach into BHX so many times before it starts getting boring :ROFLMAO:
A400Ms and C130s have been going circuits and approaches at many UK airports in recent months.

I tracked a 400M on FR24 one day. It departed Brize Norton then did a tour of Great Britain and the Channel Islands, doing en route circuits and approaches at Humberside, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Guernsey and Bristol before returning to BN.


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Oct 14, 2012
Quite strange, surely if there are lighting issues either the airfield is safe for all operations or it is not. Why specifically exclude training flights?

On a positive note it is nice to see the airport is back to 24H operations from the 30th June.


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Dec 15, 2015
Training syllabus one imagines, student multi engine pilots learn the full range of air traffic and local approach procedures then it is time to deploy. In addition, I believe BHX is a designated airfield for MEDEVAC flights from overseas theatres or training areas. The defence medicine facilities at QE Hospital in Birmingham is the receiving point. Subject to correction of course!


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Feb 11, 2020
Birmingham B36
Thank you for all your thoughts on this. The lighting work may be the reason although not enough to put off the other visiting aircraft. Maybe because the RAF pilots are still earning their 'wings' and they won't risk it.


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Sep 28, 2014
No training flights permitted 26/5 to 20/6 due work on ground lighting and various taxiway closures.Regards,Simon.


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Aug 26, 2014
I believe much of the RAF training is on multi engine transports and involves BA aircrew who are recently ex RAF and who have returned under a temporary loan agreement for a fixed period between the two organisations as the pilots are furloughed and the RAF have a severe shortage of multi engine pilots, presumably it suits all concerned.

So more a case of refresher courses to get their eye back in so to speak.

It was on the tv news a few weeks back but it can't recall the channel.
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Apr 22, 2012
Flying customers only from July 1st.


Birmingham Airport is welcoming the return of passengers following a period of reduced demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Services have recommenced with easyjet, Air France, Wizz Air, Loganair and Lufthansa, as well as increased flying from KLM and Ryanair. Further domestic and international flights are set to restart from 1st July 2020.

Passengers travelling from Birmingham Airport will experience a number of new measures which are being implemented for both their safety and wellbeing, and that of our colleagues.

An enhanced cleaning regime is in place across the airport site, with continual disinfectant performed on all customer touch points. Hand sanitiser stations can be found throughout the customer journey.

The airport is strongly recommending that passengers wear a face covering whilst in the terminal and should be aware that it is mandatory to wear a face covering in the security search area and on airport buses.

Passengers are encouraged to check in on-line, pre-book services, use contactless payments and download electronic travel documentation to avoid queuing and minimise face-to-face contact.

Social distancing is encouraged throughout the site, in line with government guidance. Where this is not possible, additional mitigations have been put in place, such as physical barriers and shields.

Only flying customers will be allowed into the terminal from the 1st July. This is to manage the number of people inside the building as traffic volumes increase.

Measures are in place to reduce face-to-face contact between customers and airport personnel but where this is not possible, such as check-in and in store payment points, perspex screens will be used.

Thermal imaging is currently being trialled and is likely to be rolled out for departing passengers from 1st July, in time for increased flying programmes.

Nick Barton, Birmingham Airport’s CEO, said, “It’s great to see airlines reinstating flights from Birmingham after a period of reduced traffic due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The safety of our customers and employees is our number one priority. We have introduced a number of new measures for their wellbeing, with cleaning and hygiene, social distancing, thermal imaging, face coverings and physical barriers underpinning the new airport environment.

“Birmingham Airport is well and truly open for business and we look forward to seeing the airport come alive again in the coming weeks and welcoming customers back to the airport.”

The airport reminds customers not to travel if they are experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms. Guidance can be found at

Customers should check with their airline for specific details regarding on board regulations and services as these may vary by operator. The retail, food and beverage offer at the airport is currently limited, but more outlets will be reopening in the coming weeks, with a range of pre-order services.

During the pandemic, Birmingham Airport has remained open to serve a reduced number of passenger flights as well as cargo, military and medical operations.



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Feb 29, 2016
Sadly slot more to come. The government did the right thing in furloughing. But it has to end and the easing back to the companies having to pay more for effectively laid off staff would always result in job losses.

Good news, as just stated by Robert Preston is that the UK debt v GDP is lower than the G7 countries, so the government will still be able to borrow our way out of this.

Plus, Imperial College are confident that they have found the vaccine with incredibly quick fingers crossed.


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May 21, 2020
A number of carriers are returning soon or increasing ops soon....

Blue Islands- Returns tomorrow 31st August, 4x weekly (Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun).

Loganair- Flights to Inverness return tomorrow 31st August, 5x weekly (Mon, Thur, Fri, Sat & Sun). Aberdeen goes up to daily from 14th September.

Aer Lingus- Belfast City service from 14th September. (Dublin also due later in September but schedule likely to change)

SAS- Copenhagen service from 14th September, initially 3x weekly. (Mon, Wed & Fri)

Aurigny- Guernsey service returns from 21st September, 4x weekly. (Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun)

Brussels Airlines- From 28th September, initially 4x weekly. (Mon, Thur, Fri & Sun)

Eurowings also increases its Dusseldorf service to 11x weekly from 1st September.

And of course Emirates which has been well discussed across the forum!

Great to see so many carriers returning and seeing potential in BHX. It is important that everybody supports these services so that they continue and grow as demand returns!

I am most delighted about SAS returning, I use their service multiple times a year and I cant wait to fly with them again.


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May 21, 2020
Carrier Resumption Update (Covid-19)
Winter 2020

Aer Lingus
- Belfast City operating 13x weekly. Dublin, Cork and Shannon supposedly back in October, date and frequencies unconfirmed.

Air France - Supposedly increasing to 19x weekly from 25th October. 3x daily Mon - Fri, 1x daily Sat and 3x daily Sun.

Air India- Returns 1x weekly from 19th September (outbound) on Saturdays to Delhi via Amritsar.

Aurigny- Returns 19th October, 4x weekly Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun. One to watch as it is constantly being pushed back.




Blue Islands- Jersey service operating 4x weekly during winter.

Brussels Airlines- Returns on 5th October, 4x weekly Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun. Supposedly increasing to full schedule from 25th October but subject to change I expect.

-Belfast Intl increases to 11x weekly from 1st October.
-Edinburgh increases to 11x weekly from 1st October and increases to 13x weekly from 25th October.
-Glasgow remains at 5x weekly until 25th October and then increases to 12x weekly.
-Geneva returns 14th December 13 - 15x weekly until March.

Emirates- 4x weekly for entire winter season on 777 equipment. Increase date yet unknown.

Eurowings- Düsseldorf continues at 11x weekly until 25th October when the route is planned to increase to 22x weekly but apparently loads are very low and do not expect this increase to go ahead. Possible decrease.

KLM- KLM continues at 28x weekly until 25th October when it reduces to 21x weekly.

Aberdeen continues at 6x weekly until 25th October and then increases to 10x weekly.

-Inverness continues at 4x weekly.

Frankfurt continues at 13x weekly during winter.

Munich increases to 11x weekly from the beginning of winter schedule.

Qatar Airways- Still showing a return on 25th October, daily 787-9. As much as I am an optimist I do not see them returning at all and if they do I'll be very surprised.

SAS- Copenhagen service operating 3x weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Website still being updated currently. Planned to increase before festive period. SAS keen to restore more frequencies if demand allows.

SWISS- Zurich service returns on 25th October, 12x weekly flights.

Turkish Airlines- Istanbul service increases to 10x weekly from 25th October.

Turkmenistan Airlines- Looks to have been quietly dropped, not bookable on website.

Vueling- Non-operative throughout October and November. Resumes 2nd December, 5x weekly Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun.

Wizz Air- Operating full schedule 19x weekly flights. (New routes to Riga & Vilnius commencing in October).

I haven't included TUI, Jet2 & Ryanair due to constant changing schedules due quarantine restrictions.
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