And the alcohol for tonight is....?


Primarily a Friday and Saturday night thread for people to discuss their favourite tipples. Their latest Gin or Whisky collection or maybe the local ale.
My wife and I are people who drink the wine we like not because some so-called wine expert has said this wine should be drunk with that food and that wine with this food.
I am totally with you on that one (y)

Red wine with red meat and white wine with white meat or fish is about as far as I go and even then it's not uncommon for us to have white wine with a steak or a nice Malbec with some sea bass.

We've just opened a bottle of First Cape Chenin Blanc (y)

@TheLocalYokel with you on the gateau but I have to admit I’m more than partial to a Pinot Noir. Morrison’s have a sensational Argentinian one and I rather like the Aldi NZ one too.
But does it compare to sitting on the balcony drinking a litre of Apelia? :)

Most definitely (y)

I bought a bottle of Apelia home with me once, I didn't bother again.

Where did you stay in Tuscany?
It also helped that Mrs Thunderchild was pregnant at the time so I could enjoy it all to myself! We stayed just outside a little place called Greve in Chianti - halfway between Pisa and Florence.
I've got a bottle of Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon. I don't buy wine too often, but I do like a nice glass of red.
As such, I usually buy the 500mL bottle. But the special offer tonight was the 500ml for £5 or the 750mL for £6. Half as much again for just £1 more was a no brainer. I'll possibly have a glass or two, after a couple of beers. I've got a couple of nice cheeses to accompany it(y)


Had this yesterday evening. A very fruity red. It was given to us, our friends thought it was too sweet but it went down alright at our house. It was sweet for a red, but no nasty after taste so all in all a good wine.
Had an interesting mix of drinks last night. A couple with whom we regularly eat out, or in, came to us last night when it was an 'in' evening. Mrs Yokel did splendidly as always in providing a sumptuous four-course feast that, with attendant and postprandial drinks, lasted the better part of five hours until midnight.

Unfortunately for her, our lady guest was driving and was unable therefore to take more than one glass of wine all evening.

That didn't stop the rest of us, especially our gentleman guest and me, and we got through three bottles of wine between us, with Mrs Yokel gamely playing her rather more minor part in the exercise. We emptied a bottle of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, a bottle of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and a bottle of Californian White Grenache (Rose).

When it was time to head for something a little stronger our driving guest was already out of the game and Mrs Yokel had exhausted her relatively limited capacity with (for her) a surfeit of the grape.

My pal (the husband of the reluctant driver) and I forsook the brandy for once and eyed the whisky instead. We both had a large glass of Whyte and Mackay to begin the proceedings and I then tempted him to try some Paul John Indian Single Malt. Three bottles of it had come my way through the good offices of a cricketing friend of our son who is originally from the Sub Continent (his friend that is, not our son).

I think it's rather good but my pal had to be encouraged to try some. Once tasted he decided that he might like a second glass, and then a third and, of course, it was only good manners for me to do the same. After all, allowing someone to drink alone in your house is not the action of a hospitable host.

On Sunday we have a similar task in providing wine (we shall eschew the spirits this time) to accompany a meal at a local BYOB Indian restaurant. It's an adult family occasion although not all the younger members are wine aficionados, so we will have a selection of lagers in cans, bottled cider, Diet Coke all in the large bag with some bottles of wine a couple of which I shall ensure are Pinot Grigio. We shall be travelling by taxi so there will be no car driving impediments to curb anyone's intake.
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