And the alcohol for tonight is....?


Primarily a Friday and Saturday night thread for people to discuss their favourite tipples. Their latest Gin or Whisky collection or maybe the local ale.
Just finished some Perfect Storm fine ipa ale from Aldi..Cracking stuff looks like lager with all the hoppiness of real ale and very cheap too...Then about to start on a proper real ale called Ten Fifty from the Grainstore Brewery at Oakham in Rutland..chin chin
Sorry to hear of your continued problems Jennyjet, but I can not fault you on your choice of Single Malt.

I will be over on the magical island next June and will visit a number of the distilleries and Bowmore will be on the list.
Well off to Edinburgh Castle Pub in Ancoats Urban Village and N1/4 Manchester. Re-opened after a number of years closed along with visits
to Mackie Mayor with Blackjack brewery bar, Smithfield Market Tavern, Bar Fringe ,Crown and Kettle and 7Brothers Tap and if time and willing
maybe Cask 2 or Soup Kitchen or Port St or Pie and Ale all within 1/2 mile of each other, maybe will have to continue next week. 10 years ago you could do the N1/4 in one evening now takes at least 4 evening just picking the real ale pubs or 1 very serious Christman pub crawl
hi all
2 pints of brains the reverend james in spoons in rochdale,then back home to leeds to our local pub in x/gates for 4 pints of skinners cornish knocker, a dam good night.
Just acquired a bottle of BOWMORE No.1 single malt for tonight, primarily to assist getting some sleep as my heavy doseage of Tramadol is failing me. Doctor approved as he can no longer assist legally with pharmaceutical care.

Such is life ⚡
Sorry to hear that @JENNYJET at least you can self prescribe the Whisky and have as many drams as you choose.
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Mrs F and I have managed to devour a couple of very nice bottles of Malbec this evening.

She's gone off to bed so I've started on another box of Stella Artoris. Better not have too much as I'm decorating tomorrow.
Speaking of Lidl I`ve been sampling a Spanish White Riojo from their Cepa Lebrel range..under £5. Excellent taste and a proper bargain.
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